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Is Poor HR Administration Causing Your New Starters To Quit?

Is Poor HR Administration Causing Your New Starters to Quit?

Is Poor HR Administration Causing Your New Starters To Quit?

We believe that people are a company’s greatest asset.  That’s why getting your team right is key to growing your business.  In a highly competitive labour market, getting your ideal candidate to join you can be an exciting but challenging period. It takes time, investment and a lot of effort before a new joiner has even walked through your doors on their first day. And if they don’t, then it can upset all sorts of plans and even threaten the business.

recent study found that 63% of HR professionals have experienced new recruits quitting before they’d even started.  So, what’s causing people to leave before day one, and how can you prevent it from happening in your own business?

According to a survey by Cezanne HR48% of respondents that change their mind about a job offer do so because they receive a higher paid offer elsewhere.  Almost a third do because of poor or no follow up, or a negative experience with the organisation after accepting the offer.

However, time restraints and resources mean that Human Resources administration associated with onboarding isn’t always the of the highest priority, especially for SMEs and fast growing businesses.  In fact, Cezanne HR reported a staggering 45% of respondents did not hear anything from their new employer between their job offer and start date.

So, what can you do?

  • When it comes to Human Resources administration and paperwork for your new starters, it’s crucial to complete this promptly and ensure it is right. Incorrect paperwork and a slow turnaround time is a sure-fire way to give the wrong impression to your new starters
  • Communicate with your new employees on a regular basis before their start date.  Ideally this will include useful details of business-related topics such as their induction, key updates or anything that keeps them engaged! You should have a whole communication plan for new starters prepared to keep them interested and primed ready to join
  • Have someone dedicated to managing the process, rather than it being handled by multiple people across your business. This means you will deliver a consistent message, your new starter will know exactly who to go to with any questions and it also ensures nothing is missed from their onboarding plan
  • Make it simple.  For example, don’t send Human Resources administration and paperwork just by post and require recipients to sign hard-copies and return. Digitalise your processes and use technology to make it easier and faster for everyone!

Not only does Human Resources administration outsourcing avoid costly mistakes with new starters, it also saves you a huge amount of time that you could be applying elsewhere in your business.  Read more about how outsourcing HR administration could grow your business in our blog The Power of HR Administration Outsourcing.

Find out more about how The Curve Group can support you with Human Resources administration outsourcing and other HR support services for small business here, or get in touch today – we’d love to hear from you:

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