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Head Office Functions

Staffing Head Office Functions  

Whether you deliver a service or make a product, functions which traditionally sit in head office, also known as Corporate Headquarters (HQ), are key to the successful running of operations. Head offices are the nucleus of a business from which leadership teams oversee business activities and key functions operate.

Maintaining the right staffing levels within head office functions is key because of its broader impact on the wider business.

At The Curve Group, we’ve been delivering talent to head offices for businesses across a broad range of sectors and industries for almost two decades and have expert headhunters who specialise in hiring in specific sectors and specialisms.

Head Office Functions

Head Office Recruitment  

Our head office recruitment services have allowed us to deliver a wealth of talent into head office functions including hires within:

  • Executive and Managerial 
  • Finance and Legal 
  • Human Resources and Talent Acquisition 
  • Sales, Marketing and Communications 
  • Technology  
  • Procurement and Buying 
  • Logistics, Property and Facilities  
  • Operations 

We’ve done this via several different delivery mechanisms including ad-hoc vacancies placed as required, through a recruitment project model (eg. a backlog of vacancies needs to be cleared or brand-new vacancies have been created to scale a function). We also deliver broader Recruitment Process Outsource solutions that cater for all recruitment needs across the full breadth of Head Office Functions. 

Head Office Functions

We have been working with The Curve Group since 2014. They work seamlessly alongside our internal HR team and Hiring Managers to deliver an exceptional, high touch, fast paced, end-to-end recruitment process. This is so important in a candidate-led market, where a quality hiring experience is critical in order to secure the very best talent. 

Head of HR | BPO Organisation

Looking To Reduce Fixed Cost Spend In Your Head Office?

At The Curve Group, we also offer HR services including HR Administration and Employee HR Assistance. Both services reduce fixed cost overheads whilst ensuring HR records are maintained and employees are supported.  Our HR Consultancy services can also provide cost-efficient access to specialist HR expertise to deliver key HR projects and ensure your business is compliant with UK employment law and government guidelines.

Head Office Functions
Head Office Functions

Want to find out more about how we can support your business with Recruitment or HR services in your Head Office functions?

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