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Contractor Recruitment & Management

Contractor Audits To Ensure Compliance

Utilising contractors is an excellent way for businesses to access specific skill sets or additional capacity at pace. However, without careful management and oversight, contractor utilisation can pose significant risks to a business given applicable legislations which need to be adhered to, including IR35 tax legislations and The Criminal Finances Act.

As contractors are often engaged via multiple sources across a business – and not always controlled or visible in the same way as the hiring of permanent employees – businesses often expose themselves to risks of fines.

When engaging with a contractor, there are a number of important steps which should be taken as part of a robust due diligence process, to ensure contractors are properly vetted for the relevant insurance and that correct IR35 status determinations can be made. The Curve Group’s Contractor Audit service will review and identify your entire contractor population by engaging key stakeholders across the business, identifying any areas of risks or gaps in checks as well as opportunities for efficiencies. Recommendations around ongoing utilisation of contractors are also provided, to inform your broader workforce strategy.

Contractor Recruitment & Management

The Contractor Audit report The Curve Group produced was thorough and showed a clear understanding of our position with our contractor population.

HR Director | Rank Group Plc

Contractor Sourcing, Vetting & Onboarding

Not only does our Contractor, Sourcing, Vetting and Onboarding service deliver the expert interim support your business needs, but it also drives efficiencies, cost savings and ensures your business complies with the latest laws and regulations, reducing the risk of fines for non-compliance.

As well as sourcing new contractors for new assignments, we can also onboard existing contractors which are being engaged directly by the business, and those provided via other agencies and umbrella companies, bringing your entire contractor book across onto consistent terms and conditions, ensuring robust and accurate compliance checks are completed for all and supporting your business to make sound IR35 status determinations.

Our Contractor, Sourcing, Vetting and Onboarding service can be delivered as a stand-alone service – on a project or longterm outsource basis, or it can be included as part of a full Recruitment Process Outsource solution.

Contractor Recruitment & Management

Just wanted to say tremendous thanks to The Curve Group for your help with our customer change project and provision of short-term contractors. You did a fantastic job for us.

Customer Services Director | The Co-operative Bank

Contractor Timesheeting & Payroll

As part of our Contractor, Sourcing, Vetting and Onboarding service, we include contractor timesheeting and payroll services as standard. We utilise RSM’s leading payroll and billing software for Contractors, which streamlines and automates electronic timesheets, billing and payroll processes to ensure compliant contractor usage.

Your business is provided with consolidated monthly utilisation reports and invoices, providing complete visibility and control of contractor spending.

Contractor Recruitment & Management

The Curve Group’s agile contractor solution gives us 100% compliance in how we manage our contract workers whilst keeping control of the financial, analytical and organisational insight that comes from having one central MSP overseeing this activity.

HR Director | Rank Group Plc
Contractor Recruitment & Management

Sourcing Specialist Contractor Talent To Deliver An Urgent Redress and Remediation Project

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