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Outsourced Recruitment & HR Solutions for Business & Professional Services

Why Talent Is So Important In Professional and Business Services Organisations

The Professional and Business Services industries span a wide range of sectors and collectively provide the backbone of the UK economy and workforce, enabling other organisations to focus on their core business activities. Activities delivered by businesses in these industries typically include those relating to IT, Digital, Human Resources and Recruitment/Talent, Customer Service, Administration and Business Support, Accounting and Tax, Legal and Audit, Marketing, Sales and Procurement.

Businesses in the service industries account for 79% of all employment in the UK and 72% of total financial turnover. Despite the scale of this sector, or because of it, there are talent challenges – according to LinkedIn data, the professional services industry experiences the highest attrition rate for leavers so attracting and retaining talent is a real challenge.

Business & Professional Services

Cost Effective Recruitment and HR Solutions For Professional and Business Services Organisations

As a professional services organisation, we truly understand the importance of people and the difference they can make to your business. We also appreciate the pressures of operating within the supply chain ecosystem – the balance of striving to delight your clients by delivering expert, efficient and often cost-conscious services while also investing in the development and retention of your own team.

The Curve Group have been providing both Recruitment and HR solutions to a wide range of sectors and businesses within the Professional and Business Services industries since 2004. Our clients include multi-faceted BPO providers with global footprints, professional business Consultancy and Accounting practices, Marketing, PR and Events organisations, Information Technology, Network and Data hosts through to Employment Screening and Training businesses.

Our responsive, scalable and cost-effective Recruitment and HR outsourcing and consultancy solutions not only provide the talent and capacity needed to deliver to your own clients, but also the operational resilience required to underpin your business models. Importantly, our solutions are also flexible and scalable – so when you secure a new client, we’re right behind you and able to expand our services to support your increased needs. Equally, our services can contract to align with the reduction of requirements outside of peak periods.

Business & Professional Services

As we’ve continued with our ambitious growth plans and acquisition of new global contracts, The Curve Group has expanded the scope of our partnership to cater for international hiring. During the lifetime of our partnership, The Curve Group have saved us a staggering £2 million+ in recruitment costs – this is a great result for the business.

Head of Human Resources | RS Integrated Supply
Business & Professional Services

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