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HR Consultancy Services

HR File Audits

Businesses collect and store a broad range of employee data and records including personnel files, offer letters and contracts, medical, training, payroll and pension information, right-to-work documentation and flexible working requests. The collection and storage of employee data and records must comply with employment law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as company policies. It must also be ready and available to access if required.

The Curve Group’s HR File Audit service identifies gaps and errors in HR files and records, highlighting where remedial action is required to comply with legislative requirements. A number of areas can be included within a HR File Audit such as onboarding documentation, reward and benefit records, pre-employment screening and re-checks and holiday entitlement. We can also undertake a full HR system export to check the accuracy of records against contracts and personal details.

HR Consultancy Services

The Curve Group have been an instrumental partner, providing a blend of invaluable support across recruitment and large-scale internal induction and training programmes.

Head of Partnerships | Propel

Talent Assessment and Succession Planning

At any one point in time, all businesses will have talent in different stages of capability, experience, and potential. Without a clear view of talent across a business, it’s challenging for Leadership teams to effectively identify and prioritise skills gaps, develop effective and robust succession plans or accurately forecast workforce plans for the future.

The Curve Group’s Talent Assessment and Succession Planning service maps the performance and potential of every single employee in an organisation against a 9-box talent review grid model, to provide a true and holistic overview of a workforce. Using the results, we can provide additional consultancy support to develop and execute strategies for performance management, skills and leadership development programmes as well as succession plans to future-proof your business.

HR Consultancy Services

The Curve Group team recently completed a comprehensive talent assessment across our entire business, the outputs of which have been utterly invaluable.

Chief Executive Officer | Amigo Loans

HR Policy, Employee Contract and Handbook Review or Development

HR policies, employee contracts and handbooks are important because they not only ensure that your business is legally compliant with relevant legislation – and therefore reduce risk within the business – but they also act as a gateway to your organisation’s culture, setting standards and expected behaviours. They also provide a go-to guide for Line Managers to deal with certain situations, ensuring consistency of approach.

The Curve Group’s HR Policy, Employee Contract and Handbook Review and Development service offers a number of levels of review or development of these key HR documents – from essential compliance checks of core HR policies to comprehensive development of brand-new HR documentation as required, or harmonisation triggered by company mergers or desire to ensure terms are consistent.

HR Consultancy Services

The Curve Group delivered an excellent HR function audit and assessment with clear actions that we could implement. I was very pleased with their approach and the quality of their work.

Group Human Resources Director | Hastings Direct.

Learning and Development

The Curve Group’s Learning and Development services include the creation and delivery of a wide range of bespoke training and coaching programmes for businesses. For example, our Leadership Development Programmes typically include modules on Creating Effective / High Performing Teams, Identifying Talent, Managing Performance and Development, Leadership Skills, Managing an Appropriate Work Environment, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Influencing Skills, Strategic Planning, Line Manager Essentials and Commercial Acumen.

We also offer more standardised bitesize training modules such as Diversity and Inclusion Training, Interview Skills Training for Hiring Managers (with a focus on how to remove unconscious bias), Managing Difficult Conversations For Managers, Customer Excellence Training and Product / Service Launch Training all of which can be tailored as required in line with business requirements.

We also offer 360 Degree Feedback and 1-1 coaching services which can be used to inform and drive personal development plans, Leadership development and training programmes.

HR Consultancy Services

Change and Exit Management

The Curve Group’s HR Consultancy services for Change and Exit Management include delivery of both strategic and tactical projects including re-organisational design and workforce planning, design and delivery of redundancy, restructure, outplacement or TUPE programmes, delivery of career transition coaching and roll out of buddying programmes for new starters.

HR Consultancy Services
HR Consultancy Services

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