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The Power of HR Administration Outsourcing

The Power of HR Administration Outsourcing

The Power of HR Administration Outsourcing

Do you ever find yourself working late to get a contract to a new starter?  Or wishing you had the time to schedule in that probation meeting before an employee automatically passed?  Maybe you have lost a great candidate because you couldn’t send the offer letter to them for a week as you were busy dealing with other major priorities?

If this sounds familiar, our HR outsource services could help.  HR administration outsourcing means the efficient experts take care of your ongoing HR administration.  Thus, letting you focus on your core business and key strategic objectives.

What is HR Administration Outsourcing?

By outsourcing HR Administration you utilise specialist external suppliers to manage all HR administration and paperwork during the employee lifecycle.

Outsourced administrative  services for your HR function include:

  • Onboarding for new starters
  • Employee screening administration
  • Managing inbound reference requests
  • Contract updates and amendments
  • Maintenance of learning and development records
  • Probation
  • Return to Work
  • All contract changes
  • Voluntary Leavers Process
  • General absence administration including holidays, paternity and maternity

Read more about outsourcing HR Administration and discover how The Curve Group can support your business.

Why HR Administration Impacts Your Core Business

The importance of HR administration can often be overlooked.  Particularly if there are more burning platforms to address.  However, it should play a significant role in your day-to-day business activities.  Here’s why:

1. Attracting and Retaining Talent

HR administration is a crucial part of your on-boarding process.  So, getting it wrong could result in a negative experience for your new starters.  Many companies spend a lot of time, effort and money on their attraction and recruitment.  However, research has shown that nearly a third of new starters that quit before day one cite poor or no follow up, or a bad experience with the organisation after accepting the offer, as the reason. Read our blog ‘Is poor HR administration causing your new starters to quit?’ for advice and tips on how to get your onboarding process right.

2. Business Strategy

Research shows that SMEs spend an average of 120 working days per year on administrative tasks. However, any time that your senior employees spend working in the business rather than for the business could be an opportunity cost.  This is because any non-strategic business activities take away from their core role and responsibility.  Therefore, this is a sign that your business could benefit from HR outsource services.  That’s because HR administration outsourcing will free up more time for senior or key personnel to focus on your core business and strategy. Discover the other signs that it’s time to outsource your HR administration.

3. Culture

Although your business is constantly adapting and developing, you still want one thing to remain – your culture.  Your HR administration will play a key role in maintaining this.  This is because HR administration will be one of the first pieces of internal communication that your employees receive.  What’s more, it will also reflect your policies and handbooks.  Our HR outsource services will ensure your processes and procedures continue to comply with your best working practices and the way you want your business to operate. This ensures your internal brand message and ways of working are communicated consistently. For further benefits read 5 Unexpected Benefits of Outsourcing HR administration.

How Outsourcing HR Administration could grow your business

Outsourcing HR administration and utilising HR support services for small businesses could result in:

HR Administration Outsourcing

By outsourcing non-core business activities, your team will be less distracted by non-core tasks.  Thus, making your team more productive.  Instead, their time can be better spent focusing on your strategy and growing your business.  Whilst you are safe in the knowledge that your HR administration is being effectively managed.

Just as you are the expert in your business, The Curve Group are an experienced HR outsource provider.  We can provide you with the same level of capability and service you would provide to your own customers.  Therefore, our best practice service is cost efficient as we complete tasks more competently, quickly and economically – simply because this is our core business.  Watch our customer case study.

Furthermore, just as you know the best practices for your industry, we do for ours.  Outsourcing your HR administration to us will enable you to access the most innovative and best practice processes into your own business.  This could be simply digitalising your processes, with research showing that around two thirds of businesses are wasting at least £2,000 per employee every year due to over-reliance on paper.  What’s more, other elements including employee on-boarding and improved HR administration processes could even improve your new starter joining rate. 

Perhaps you are at a tipping point and you know that you need additional resource to overcome a challenging or busy time.  Alternatively, you could be planning ahead and understand you need to streamline your processes to continue to grow your business.  It’s important to consider the costs and benefits of outsourcing HR administration.  As well as the alternatives available. Check out our simple HR administration cost calculator.  For each option, you need to consider:

  • The direct and indirect costs associated
  • The impact on your fixed overheads
  • The impact of an unexpected change in your demand
  • The length of the agreement or contract, and how easy it is for you to terminate or extend
  • The cost savings associated
  • The risk and cost of carrying on as you are
  • The length of time before your business will benefit from the solution
  • How much time will be saved – the opportunity cost
  • How much it will positively impact your strategic business objectives

Of course, your decision needs to align with your strategic business objectives so keep these in mind when considering whether to outsource your HR administration.

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