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Projects & Wrap Around Services

Project based and wrap around Recruitment and HR support, providing flexible access to additional capacity and expertise enabling businesses to meet specific needs and objectives.

Our agile and responsive project based and wrap around services can be fully configured and shaped according to individual business requirements and timeframes.

Whether you need support within a defined, short-term project, or wish to bolster an existing in-house team by accessing additional capacity or capabilities via a wrap around partnership, we can help.

Projects & Wrap Around

We needed to resource a brand new, multi-skilled team at speed so we engaged The Curve Group to deliver a recruitment project as they had a proven track record of hiring at volume and pace nationally.

Head of Talent Acquisition | People Plus UK

Examples of Project Based & Wrap Around Services

Below we have shared just a few examples of how our project based and wrap around Recruitment and HR services have previously been utilised:

  • Fulfilling a backlog of vacancies an internal team was unable to deliver due to time constraints and conflicting priorities
  • Sourcing a bank of Contractors to provide additional surges of capacity and expertise for a specific project
  • Creating and delivering a holistic end-to-end recruitment, onboarding and induction process to support the build of a brand-new team
  • Wrap around Recruitment team to bolster an existing internal function, enabling a business to increase technology hiring at pace
  • Large-scale workforce change programme to replace contractors with permanent employees, from attraction, sourcing, screening, selection, onboarding and induction
  • Overflow Recruitment team wrapped around existing internal function, to deliver monthly tranches of new hires in order to increase resourcing capabilities
  • Onboarding administration at scale to support a large peak of new starter intakes
  • Contract, policy and employee handbook harmonisation following an acquisition or merger
  • Creation and delivery of bespoke learning and development programmes
  • Configuration of Recruitment / HR software and migration of candidate/employee records
  • Delivery of a large-scale redundancy and outplacement programmes including collective consultation
  • Provision of outplacement and coaching services

During both wrap around and project-based services, we can adopt existing processes and technology to ensure the experience remains consistent, or we can mobilise rapidly utilising our own best practice methodologies and comprehensive technology ecosystem which brings together industry-leading platforms to elevate and transform HR and Recruitment processes. It’s entirely up to you.

Projects & Wrap Around
Projects & Wrap Around

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We know that every business is as unique as the people within it. That’s why we tailor our project based and wrap around services to meet each business’ specific requirements.

Get in touch today, so we can find out more about what you need and how we can help.

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