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Visual Guide | Authenticity in the Workplace

Authenticity in the workplace

Visual Guide | Authenticity in the Workplace

Experiencing authenticity in the workplace has a profound impact.

It enhances employee engagement, improves performance, reduces turnover, and fosters a stronger sense of belonging. As a result, it enriches the overall work environment, strengthens relationships, and cultivates loyalty. Moreover, authenticity can differentiate you from others, not only in terms of attracting candidates and retaining employees but also in resonating with your customers, with research showing a direct link between employee experience and customer experience.

Based on our webinar, ‘How to Build Authentic Employee Experiences in 2024 and Beyond‘, this visual guide provides an overview of how to create authenticity in the workplace by enhancing employee experiences through your EVP and community.

In the guide, we share:

  • What is an authentic employee experience?
  • The benefits to your business of a compelling employee experience
  • MACRO and MICRO touchpoints in an employee’s lifecycle
  • HR & Recruitment influencers
  • What is an EVP?
  • How to elevate your EVP
  • Root cause analysis example
  • Why community in an organisation matters
  • Key traits of a positive community
  • How to create a sense of belonging from the first touchpoint
  • Measuring employee experience
  • Continuous improvement model
  • and more!

Download the guide:  

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