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Online Webinar | How To Manage Sickness Absence In Your Business

Online Webinar | How To Manage Sickness Absence In Your Business

Many businesses are likely to experience an increase in sickness absence due to the ongoing impact of Covid-19. This could be triggered by employees contracting the virus or by the knock-on effect of sickness absence on teams that may already be reduced in number due to cost-cutting.

As reported in the latest Health and Well-Being at Work report (published by the CIPD and Simply Health), 14% of workplaces surveyed reported that on average, their employees had more than 10 days of absence over the last year. 5% of workplaces reported average absence levels of 15+ days per employee. The cumulative impact of this volume of sickness absence will be significant on any business’s productivity, bottom line and the mental health of all colleagues.

In our free webinar on sickness absence we discussed:

  • What we mean by sickness absence
  • Why it’s important to manage, record and monitor sickness absence
  • What to include in a sickness absence management policy
  • Sickness absence management processes including:
    • Fit notes​
    • Return to work meetings​
    • Reasonable adjustments​
    • Phased returns​
    • Absence triggers​
    • How to reduce absence in repeat offenders ​
  • Sickness absence and disabilities​
  • Mental health and how to spot the signs ​
  • Why confidentiality ​is important

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And of course, feel free to get in touch if you need help to manage sickness absence in your business.

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