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Free Webinar | How To Reduce Drop Outs In Your Recruitment Process

Free Webinar | How To Reduce Drop Outs In Your Recruitment Process

Want to know how to reduce drop out rates in your recruitment process?

As a direct result of the ‘war for talent’ and the mismatch between record-breaking levels of open vacancies and available candidates, drop out rates during recruitment processes have been steadily rising and don’t show signs of reducing any time soon.

A Glassdoor study reports that the average candidate drop out rate recently peaked at a staggering 80%, with candidates citing lengthy, complicated processes with too many touchpoints as the main reasons for dropping out. As a result, recruitment and HR teams are often placed under even more pressure to attract a larger pipeline of candidates in order to overcompensate for the drop outs. But – this doesn’t have to be the case.

In our free 30-minute webinar our Recruitment Consultants shared their top tips on how to reduce drop out rates by keeping talent engaged and motivated throughout the process.

Watch the webinar now to hear more about:

  1. The common causes of candidate drop outs and how to spot the warning signs
  2. How to review your recruitment process to identify where you’re losing candidates
  3. Putting yourself in their shoes – aligning your assumptions with their real-time experience
  4. Practical tips and tools to reduce drop out rates including:
    • Communication and engagement
    • Agility and pace
    • Transparency

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