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Contractor Utilisation | Sample Audit

Contractor Audit

Contractor Utilisation | Audit

We are offering a FREE sample contractor audit which will focus specifically on the utilisation of temporary workers within your organization. 

Our audit will commence with the identification of contractor resources being utilised across either a specific function or business area, followed by a review to assess whether this population is compliant with the ever-evolving employment and tax legislation applicable in the UK. 

The sample audit will provide visibility of the contractor population, helping your business to verify whether these resources are being properly classified and engaged in accordance with the law, in order to mitigate legal risk and ensure adherence to regulations such as IR35. 

What’s included? 

  • A 1-day sample audit of an existing contractor population – depending on the volume of contractors in situ, we can audit utilisation of contractors in a specific department ie IT, or the entire population  
  • Assessment of contractor utilisation processes spanning from initial sourcing, vetting and onboarding inc IR35 status determination through to working practices  
  • A 2-page summary report setting out our initial findings, including recommendations on how to protect your business as the end user

To apply, your business must fulfil the following conditions: 

  • Utilise a minimum of 10 contractors at any given time  
  • Be based in the UK 
  • Agree to provide access to key departments within your business (such as HR and finance), so we can gain the required data such as rates, and compliance completion dates etc
  • Provide access to stored documents such as contracts, agency terms, copies of IR35 determinations and company compliance documents.

NB we will sign Non-Disclosure Agreements to protect confidential information and can provide a template should it be required.

The sample contractor audit will be completed remotely utilising the information provided. Findings will be presented to relevant senior decision makers in person at a UK office location of your choice.   


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Please note – this is a 1-day sample contractor audit. If you would like a comprehensive diagnostic, find out more about this chargeable service here or get in touch via [email protected]. 

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