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Human Resources Function Audit

Human Resource Audit For HR Maturity & Delivery Models  

At The Curve Group, we offer professional HR audits of human resources functions. We provide businesses with an accurate assessment of where their HR capabilities are in terms of HR maturity and HR delivery models, and if steps can be taken to improve the function to better meet the needs of the business.

Typically during a HR audit, we assess the function as a whole, including all related processes, policies and practices; the HR team structure together with individual roles and responsibilities, utilisation of technology and automation, data and MI as well as how HR engages with the business.

We were recently instructed by a global charity to conduct a comprehensive audit of their HR function across multiple locations. The organisation has been through a number of changes and restructures over the years but HR had been excluded from these projects. The aim of the audit was to assess the current capacity and capabilities of the HR team and how these aligned with the requirements of the function going forward.

Human Resources Function Audits

Key Findings & Recommendations 

Post-audit completion, we presented key findings back to the senior leadership team. Key findings included: 

  • There was a lack of strategic purpose / roadmap for the function – it was not clear what the function should be delivering or how it should be partnering with the business to drive the people strategy 
  • Clarity on roles and responsibilities within the HR team was missing, causing confusion within the team and perpetuating a negative view of HR within the broader business  
  • Line Managers were not resolving basic HR questions or issues, and were instead pushing everything on to HR, impacting on the functions ability to drive HR projects and add real value  
  • The global HR system which was implemented a few years ago was not being utilised consistently or fully across the organisation which meant there was no meaningful HR data or MI  
  • There were too many HR policies, many of which were over complicated, confusing and therefore were not being consistently applied  

Alongside these findings, we submitted comprehensive recommendations on how to improve the existing HR function, including the prioritisation of: 

  • The appointment of a Permanent HR Director to lead the development of the HR function, strategy and re-shaping to achieve the required maturity level and delivery model  
  • A detailed review of all HR roles and the responsibilities, followed by creation of new and clearly defined job descriptions (n.b. we submitted a recommended alternative HR structure chart) 
  • An assessment of which HR policies are required and a re-write of these to simplify and encourage better adoption 
  • Re-training Line Managers on core HR policies and practices to improve their capabilities to manage lower-level enquiries or issues from employees  
  • Creation of a user guide for the global HR system to improve utilisation and as a result, the ability to extract better HR data and MI to inform the future HR strategy 
Human Resources Function Audits

The Curve Group delivered a comprehensive, impartial audit of our entire HR function. The outputs of the audit have provided the leadership team with clarity on the steps that need to be taken in to improve the structure of the function and HR delivery capabilities so that it is fit for purpose, and better meets the needs of the business going forwards.     

Interim Chief People Officer | Global Charity
Human Resources Function Audits

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