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Advantages Of Outsourcing Recruitment

Recruiting the right staff is critical for any business. But when businesses get to the tipping point of hiring at least 50 people a year, this is usually when internal capacity and processes start to run short.

When you reach this stage, your business may well find itself limited by mounting agency bills, minimal time and the lack of skills and expertise needed to either maintain the status quo or keep up the growth trajectory.

Outsourcing recruitment means that your business will be able to benefit from a wide range of recruitment skills, experience and capacity immediately, getting you back on track. And that’s not all your business can benefit from! In this article, we explain the advantages of outsourcing recruitment.

Save Money

One of the primary motivations for outsourcing recruitment is the cost-saving benefits. Outsourcing your recruitment will actually enable you to have full visibility and control over your recruitment spend – often more so than when it is all managed internally and not tracked and regulated as carefully. You’ll know what is going out and when. This will allow you to see a quantifiable reduction in the variable fees often incurred through utilisation of multiple agencies without the time or buying power to drive down their rates.

Not only that but aspects such as advertising, online job boards, tools and software can all fall under the umbrella of recruitment costs. These can quickly add up. By outsourcing recruitment, you only have one cost to worry about which is the overall cost of paying your external partner. Read more about the 5 signs that your business is spending too much on recruitment.

Free Up Time

Not only can outsourcing recruitment free up money, but it can free up time – something that is incredibly precious in any organisation! This means that you and your employees can focus on more strategic business objectives instead of getting bogged down with managing the day-to-day recruitment process, which can be incredibly time-consuming.

Just imagine how much more productive your team could be and how much faster your business goals and targets could be achieved when you lean on a recruitment outsourcing provider to manage and deliver the day-to-day process well.


It’s normal for most businesses to experience peaks in recruitment followed by quieter periods. The scalable nature of outsourced recruitment also ensures that peaks in demand are met without the unnecessary costs of fixed heads being incurred during quieter times. You have control over activity and resources to meet your specific needs. This is an ideal solution for any businesses going through expansions or opening new locations where many hires are required by a strict deadline.

Stay Compliant

The rules, regulations and legislations involved in HR and recruitment today are somewhat of an ever-changing minefield. Without the right care and attention, it can be easy to become vulnerable to pitfalls – particularly when recruiting contractors.

Engaging a professional recruitment outsourcing provider will ensure that your recruitment process remains compliant and up to date with legislation. They will utilise proven methodologies, providing you with the peace of mind that your recruitment is being handled effectively and compliantly.

Improve Your Recruitment Processes

An experienced recruitment outsourcing provider will be constantly evaluating opportunities for process improvement. They will be looking for anything that makes the recruitment of the right talent smoother, more efficient and more effective. It’s in their interest to do that, of course, but it’s also very much in yours. It means that the time to hire will be reduced and the experience for your hiring managers and candidates will be improved.

Access A Broader Talent Pool

Finding the right people when recruiting is never a given. It can be really tricky! Especially when searching for the right person for a specialist role. However, when you work with a recruitment outsourcing provider you may be able to access a ready-made talent pool of applicants that fit the bill. A reputable provider will have a network of people on their books ready to be matched with your company and available roles.

Plus, whilst advertising on job boards and posting adverts might work for some roles, executives and top talent may not actively be applying for roles. LinkedIn reports that 70% of the global workforce are passive candidates who aren’t actively job searching. Recruitment outsourcing providers have the know-how and contacts to source these passive candidates and rare talents for you.

Making the wrong hire can be a pretty costly mistake, not to mention the time invested in hiring and rehiring to replace them. It can also have a negative impact on company morale. Leaving recruitment up to a third-party provider can help ensure a ‘right first-time’ hiring process, putting your business in a better position for success.

Recruit Faster

The average time to hire in the UK is 27.9 days. Whilst it’s not a job that should be rushed, working with experts can mean recruiting gets completed faster and more efficiently which can be invaluable if you need multiple people to join your team and fast.

Leaving a big task like this to your under-pressure in-house team can result in a poorly managed job. And poorly managed recruitment inevitably increases the time it takes to hire. This can leave good candidates to get snapped up elsewhere and your business suffers from the impact of empty vacancies.

When you outsource recruitment, you’ll have a team of experts on your side dedicated to securing the best talent in the quickest possible time. This is their bread and butter. They will have established, tried-and-tested processes in place to ensure that they can meet your requirements well within your deadlines.

Boost Your Employer Brand

In a competitive market, a smooth, effective, consistent and engaging recruitment process will help your business to attract the very best talent and boost your employer brand. First impressions count and news of a positive recruitment experience soon travels fast in the candidate market.

Experienced outsource recruitment providers know exactly how to engage candidates – even passive ones – so that they feel valued and buy into your employer brand enough to motivate them to join your business even if they weren’t actively looking for another role.

Continue To Use Specialist Agencies

An experienced recruitment outsourcer will appreciate the importance of existing relationships your business may have with specialist agencies, recognising that there are times when these agencies are better equipped to source niche skill sets.

As part of the outsourcing service, your recruitment provider will ratify your existing preferred supplier list to ensure that you still have access to these specialist agencies when needed. They will also be able to negotiate improved terms and rates with them on your behalf and will ensure full compliance with their processes.

Make Informed Workforce Decisions For The Future

One of the great but often forgotten benefits of outsourcing recruitment to the right provider is the added value a business will gain above and beyond transactional recruitment. For example, experienced recruitment professionals who have access to a plethora of industry and market insights and intelligence will provide your business with strategic inputs, advice and recommendations to help you develop and deliver your workforce strategy in the short and long term.



At The Curve Group, we offer Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services, Contractor Recruitment & Management services and Permanent Recruitment services to cover all your recruitment needs.

Our RPO service in particular is ideal for businesses who need to recruit at least 50 hires a year and want to engage a professional partner to deliver the end-to-end recruitment process for them. Through our high touch, high quality, consistent and efficient service, we find you the best talent quickly. This leaves you free to focus on your core business, freeing up time, people and money that you can re-invest in your future.

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