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HR Issues Distracting You From Your Business?

HR Issues Distracting You From Strategic Business Goals?

HR Issues Distracting You From Strategic Business Goals?

Are you or your HR team unable to focus on strategic HR projects because your time is consumed by day-to-day HR issues? Perhaps your Line Managers are struggling with sickness absence issues or managing poor performance within their teams and don’t know how to deal with these so keep coming to you for help. Maybe disgruntled employees are threatening to take you to an employment tribunal, and you can’t afford to pay for HR advice via a solicitor.

You are not alone. Read on to find out how Outsourced HR Advice can transform your business.


Introducing outsourced HR Advice

The decision to outsource HR Advice is typically driven by a combination of wanting to access HR expertise, to free up time in the business so that employees can refocus on their day jobs, and to save money. Read our blog: Six ways to manage sickness absence and save your business money.

Providers of Outsourced HR Advice take many forms and include Employment Law Solicitors, independent HR consultants and insurance-based businesses right through to expert HR outsource companies who provide a high touch, personalised and business focussed HR advice services.

Outsourced HR advice services can usually be customised to meet businesses’ specific needs in some shape or form. For example, you can agree who can access the advice via the partner (typically it’s provided to Leaders and Line Managers in a business) and on which topics advice can be sought i.e. sickness management or poor performance. However, in some cases (for example, when offered by large insurance-based providers) customisation is either not possible or is very limited, so as a business you are required to adhere to their format and their terms. If you don’t, this can invalidate your insurance.

Outsourced HR Advice can cover a range of HR topics including:

  • Sickness absence
  • Involuntary leavers
  • Disciplinaries
  • Grievances
  • Leave / AWOL
  • Appeals
  • Capability
  • Probation
  • TUPE
  • Managing poor performance

Read more about outsourcing HR  and discover how The Curve Group can support your business.

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Not having access to appropriate HR advice can significantly impact your business in many ways:

1. Reduced Productivity and Profit

Line Managers are not equipped to deal with issues such as sickness absence or managing poor performance quickly and efficiently, resulting in a drop in productivity and therefore a negative impact on your bottom line. Read our blog on how to manage sickness absence and save you business money.


2. Business Goals Take Longer To Achieve 

Troublesome employees or tricky people issues can easily distract focus from your business objectives, therefore making it harder and take longer to achieve those important goals. If you already have an HR Manager or HR team in place, they may be too bogged down with providing HR advice and resolving HR issues to be able to focus on more strategic activities that will move the business forwards.

3. Wasted Time and Money

Issues that do not get resolved effectively when they first arise are more likely to require even greater time, attention and money to be resolved later on. On average, employment tribunals end up costing businesses c£12,000 each but successful discrimination claim cases are not capped so the financial risk can be much higher. Read our blog: The real cost of not managing poor performance in your business.

4. Demotivated Employees and Increased Attrition

Employees will be demotivated – both the Line Managers and Leaders who are having to manage the HR issues, as well as other team members across the business. The stress and lack of morale caused as a result, will often trigger further HR issues with other team members as well as an increase in leavers.

5. Increased Risk

If you don’t have access to HR expertise or have a more generalist or junior HR Manager or team who is not confidently able to provide accurate and correct HR advice to resolve more complex HR issues, your business will be exposed to even more risks of expensive punitive action and damage to your brand.

How Outsourcing HR Advice could grow your business

Outsourcing HR Advice will shore up your business, making it more resilient and productive. The benefits of outsourcing HR Advice are plentiful:

  • Leaders and Line Managers will be empowered to resolve HR issues quickly and efficiently. They will feel more supported – therefore less likely to leave – and will be able to focus on their ‘day jobs’ and strategic objectives whilst increasing productivity and therefore your bottom line.
  • Your business will be safeguarded. Consistent and tailored advice is provided, ensuring that all employees are treated fairly in line with your company policies as well as applicable HR legislation, therefore the risk of employees taking legal action is significantly reduced/removed.
  • Your HR team (if you have one in place) is freed up to focus on delivering more strategic HR activities which will enable you to achieve your wider business goals faster.



  • Your business will spend far less money and time on resolving HR issues – on average, our HR Advice service costs at least c. 50% less than solicitors fees – not to mention how much it will save you on employment tribunals or discrimination cases! This is money that can of course be re-invested to further grow the business instead.
  • Team morale will not be affected by unresolved and lingering HR issues such as performance management. Read our blog: The real cost of not managing poor performance in your business. As a result, your employees will be more motivated and committed to staying with your business, therefore saving you significant money on recruitment to replace leavers.
  • Your employer brand will be protected – the impact of bad press from disgruntled employees can be huge and spread far and wide quickly. This can have a long term, detrimental effect on your ability to attract new talent and skills into your business.
  • HR Advice is always available and is not affected by sickness, annual leave or lack of internal capacity.

Just as you are the expert in your business, The Curve Group are an experienced HR outsource provider.  We can provide you with the same level of capability and service you would provide to your own customers.  Therefore, our best practice service is cost-efficient as we complete tasks more competently, quickly and economically – simply because this is our core business.

Whether you have a burning platform (an issue with an employee which has gone too far and needs resolving), you want to free your team up to focus on more strategic activities or you need to reduce your HR overhead costs, it’s important to consider the benefits of outsourcing HR Advice as well as the alternative options to make sure it’s right for your business.

For each option, you need to consider:

  • The possible cost savings
  • The risk and cost of carrying on as you are
  • The length of time before your business will benefit from the solution
  • How much time will be saved – the opportunity cost
  • How much it will positively impact your strategic business objectives
  • The impact of an unexpected change in demand
  • The length of the agreement or contract, and how easy it is for you to terminate, extend or expand it

Download the business case for Outsourcing HR Advice to find out more.


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