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Transform Your Business By Outsourcing Recruitment

Transform Your
Business By Outsourcing Recruitment

Transform Your Business By Outsourcing Recruitment

Recruiting the right people is critical for any business but particularly so for fast-growing organisations eager to stamp their mark. Medium sized enterprises keen to outgrow habits formed from their humble beginnings need a sustainable approach to recruitment that’s nimble and cost-effective. But when you’re caught up in the whirl of day-to-day activities, it’s easy to just call that agency again… even if they’re beginning to cost you a fortune.

And that’s the thing… at some point you HAVE to ask yourself a few questions. Is your agency bill getting a bit too big? Have you reached the point where in-house capacity to recruit has run out? Are you attracting the wrong applicants or struggling to find the right staff? Are people moving on too soon? If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, or simply have growing concerns about your recruitment process, now is definitely the time to investigate the problem further and consider recruitment outsourcing.


What is Recruitment Outsourcing?

Recruitment outsourcing means engaging a provider to undertake some or all of your recruitment activities. How much you outsource is up to you and driven by your business needs.

  • If you do not have internal capabilities or you want to reduce your overheads, you can outsource the entire recruitment function. Your chosen provider will manage the end-to-end people strategy and this would typically span all hires from permanent employees, Fixed Term Contracts to Contractors, emerging talent, referrals, internal mobility right through to Executive Search.
  • If you do have internal recruiters but want to free them up to focus on the more strategic hires or projects, you can choose to outsource specific types of hires – for example recruitment for a specific department, high volumes roles or contractors, or elements of the process like advertising and screening.

Outsourced recruitment partners act as an extension of your business – to all intents and purposes, Hiring Managers and Candidates think they are part of your team. They use your email addresses, your recruitment collateral and, if you have any, your existing recruitment technology.

When you outsource recruitment, you get so much more than just a team of recruiters to manage the day-to-day recruitment processes for you. Instead, your business has access to talent management specialists who invest time to really understand your business. They will work both strategically and practically, and they take full responsibility and ownership of the success of the recruitment function.  Experts will support you with workforce planning and provide you with strategic support to build your employee brand and nurture and attract the very best talent so that wider business goals can be achieved.


Why Consider Outsourcing Your Recruitment?

By outsourcing recruitment, your business can tap into a wide range of skills and experience immediately. Working with a partner gives you instant scalability, meaning that if your recruitment needs suddenly increase so does your team. You quickly feel supported and don’t suffer from a lag of internal capacity or feel the effects of having to refocus internal teams away from already business critical projects to support on recruitment. And that’s not all you can enjoy…

  • Gain better control of your recruitment costs and save money
  • Free up staff time
  • Ensure compliance through best practice principles
  • Overhaul and improve your recruitment process
  • Enjoy right-first-time hiring from an extended talent pool
  • Significantly boost your employer brand
  • Continue to use specialist agencies
  • Make informed choices for future planning

For a more in depth view of the benefits your business can enjoy, click here to read our blog ‘The 8 Pivotal Benefits of Outsourcing Recruitment‘, specifically focusing on the subject.


How your approach to recruitment could be costing you more than you realise…

A poorly managed recruitment process can tot up significant hidden costs for a business. The wrong staff are hired, agencies charge the earth, unsuitable candidates waste your time, and your employer brand suffers as the months tick by.

We reckon there are five key signs to watch out for that you’re haemorrhaging money unnecessarily:

  • You’re not recruiting the right people first time – In real terms, the average cost to employers of replacing a single employee is more than £30,000, and of that the greatest expense, more than £25,000, comes from loss of productivity caused by the time it takes for a new recruit to get up to speed.
  • You lack recruitment expertise in-house – So you’re either over-reliant on agencies, which can be costly, or your recruitment is being done by a generic HR manager or department managers and overall there is a lack of consistency and strategic consideration.
  • Your Preferred Supplier List of agencies is cumbersome and out of date – Ad hoc negotiations of terms and rates over time tends to lead to some arrangements becoming significantly more costly than they should be; given you have a lot more clout now that your business has grown, that needs review.
  • Your HR staff cannot focus on strategic planning – Recruitment is time consuming, particularly if your HR staff don’t have the necessary expertise to do the job well. This will be distracting them from core business activities and strategic planning, which in turn will be causing problems for your business.
  • You have a recruitment backlog – And you’re feeling the pain of missed opportunities in the market. This in itself is a costly mistake. However, the pressure that builds from this often then forces decisions and the wrong people are hired.

Read our blog, ‘Is Your Business Haemorrhaging Money Because of Your Recruitment Process?’ to find out more.

There are ways to overcome these costly mistakes, of course, and you’ll be glad to know it’s possible to benefit from the changes implemented pretty quickly. Download our free guide on ways to reduce costs by improving your recruitment process and you’ll find out how.

So… are you seeing signs it’s time to consider recruitment outsourcing?


We’ve identified ten things to look out for that suggest it’s time to consider outsourcing your recruitment. Things such as: your approach to using agencies is getting expensive and busting the budget; your staff have neither the expertise nor the time to pursue a recruitment process that will ensure the right people are hired; your HR manager is struggling to fit in strategic planning;  you’re battling to recruit fast enough and are unable to tap into an enriched diverse talent pool; you’re attrition rate is high; or you’ve got an audacious plan to grow… and no clue how to gear up to staff it.

If any of these signs have grabbed your eye, click here to read our more detailed blog on what to look out for. Who knows, you could be saving yourself money and stress in no time if recruitment outsourcing is what you need.

Taking the next step forward for the growth of your business…

If you’re keen to put the best case to your board for switching to outsource your recruitment, click here for our handy download that sets out the key information you need. Our guide outlines:

  • What recruitment outsourcing is
  • The benefits recruitment outsourcing brings
  • Indications it’s time to outsource your recruitment
  • What your alternatives are
  • How recruitment outsourcing works

The Curve Group’s Recruitment Outsource service is ideal for businesses who need to recruit at least 20 hires a year and want to engage a professional partner to deliver the end-to-end recruitment process for them. Through our high touch, high quality, consistent and efficient service we find you the best talent quickly, leaving you to focus on your core business, freeing up time, people and money you can re-invest in your future.

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