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The 8 Pivotal Benefits of Outsourcing Recruitment

The 8 Pivotal Benefits Of Outsourcing Recruitment

Recruiting the right staff is critical for any business. All businesses need a sustainable approach to recruitment that’s both nimble and cost-effective but when you’re caught up in the melee of everyday work, it’s easy to just keep picking up the phone to an agency again … even if they are charging the earth each time.

Outsourcing Recruitment For Efficient, Cost-effective Hiring Solutions

We find that when businesses get to the tipping point of hiring at least 20 people a year, be they permanent employees, contractors, temps, or graduates – this is usually when internal capacity and processes start to run short. Ambitious businesses thrive on agile decision making, but lack of expertise in specialist business areas can hinder the effectiveness of that agility. And when you reach this stage, the business may well find itself limited by mounting agency bills, minimal time, and the lack of skills and expertise needed to either maintain the status quo or keep up the growth trajectory.

However, outsourcing recruitment to a team of seasoned professionals means that your business will be able to benefit from a wide range of recruitment skills, experience and capacity immediately – getting you back on track. And that’s not all you can enjoy!

1. Control Costs And Make Significant Savings

You might not think it, but outsourcing your recruitment will enable you to have full visibility and control over your recruitment spend – often more so than when it is all managed internally and not tracked and regulated as carefully.

In 2021, The Curve Group saved each of our recruitment outsource clients an average of £300,000 on their recruitment spend. How do we know this? Because we monitor and track spend, trends and performance, providing our clients with full visibility of savings and progress

You’ll know what’s going out, and when, so will be able to see a quantifiable reduction in the variable fees often incurred through agency liaison and management. The scalable nature of outsourced recruitment also ensures that peaks in demand are met without the unnecessary costs of fixed heads being incurred during quieter times. Read more about how your recruitment process could be costing your business money in our blog here. 

2. Free Up Staff Time

Outsourcing recruitment will free up time in your business, meaning that your employees can focus on more strategic business objectives, instead of getting bogged down with managing the day-to-day recruitment process. Imagine how much more productive they will be and how much faster your business goals and targets will be achieved. Read our blog ’10 signs that it’s time to outsource recruitment’. 

3. Remove The Headache Of Compliance

Engaging a professional recruitment outsource provider will ensure that your recruitment process remains compliant and up to date with legislation. They will utilise proven methodologies, providing you with the peace of mind that your recruitment is being handled effectively and compliantly.

4. Improve Recruitment Processes

An experienced recruitment outsource provider will be constantly evaluating opportunities for process improvement. They will be looking for anything that makes the recruitment of the right talent smoother, more efficient and more effective. It’s in their interest to do that, of course, but it’s also very much in yours as it means that the time to hire will be reduced and the experience for your Hiring Managers and candidates will be improved.

5. Enjoy Right First Time Hiring From A Broader Talent Pool

A key indicator of a successful recruitment process is low attrition. Outsourcing recruitment will ensure a ‘right first time’ hiring process. Your business will also be able to access a much wider talent pool than you are able to tap into yourself. It’s also proven that a diverse workforce that combines a variety of experience, perspectives and abilities can generate a plethora of other benefits such as higher levels of innovation, productivity and increased staff retention.

6. Boost Your Employer Brand And Engage Those Elusive Passive Candidates 

In a competitive market, a smooth, effective, consistent and engaging recruitment process will help your business to attract the very best talent and boost your employer brand. First impressions count and news of a positive recruitment experience soon travels fast in the candidate market. Experienced outsource recruitment providers know exactly how to engage candidates – even passive ones – so that they feel valued and buy into your employer brand – enough to motivate them to join your business even if they weren’t actively looking for another role.

A strong employer brand helps businesses compete for the best talent and establish credibility. It should connect with an organisation’s values and must run consistently through its approach to people management


7. Continue To Use Specialist Agencies 

An experienced recruitment outsourcer will appreciate the importance of existing relationships your business may have with specialist agencies, recognising that there are times when these agencies are better equipped to source niche skillsets. As part of the outsource service, your recruitment provider will ratify your existing Preferred Supplier List to ensure that you still have access to these specialist agencies when needed. They will also be able to negotiate improved terms and rates with them on your behalf and will ensure full compliance of their processes.

8. Make Informed Workforce Decisions For The Future

One of the great but often forgotten benefits of outsourcing recruitment to the right provider is the added value a business will gain above and beyond transactional recruitment. For example, experienced recruitment professionals who have access to a plethora of industry and market insights and intelligence will provide your business with strategic inputs, advice and recommendations to help you to develop and deliver your workforce strategy in the short and long-term.

Read more about how you can transform your business by outsourcing your recruitment here. 

Want To Know More About Outsourcing Recruitment?

The Curve Group’s Recruitment Outsource service is ideal for businesses who need to recruit at least 20 hires a year and want to engage a professional partner to deliver the end-to-end recruitment process for them. Through our high touch, high quality, consistent and efficient service we find you the best talent quickly, leaving you to focus on your core business, freeing up time, people and money you can re-invest in your future.

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