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An Employee Spotlight

We believe that Recruitment and HR solutions are built around great people. That’s why we truly care about our team like a family. Our people are at the heart of everything we do, and we’re committed to providing the best possible workplace and community that we can for them.

It’s one of the reasons that we successfully attract the right people.  Everyone at The Curve Group is truly passionate about delivering excellence for our clients and transforming working lives. It’s also one of the main reasons why people choose to stay with the Curvy family. Even if an employee does decide to leave, they often soon return to us!

We are also proud to not only attract top talent, but also to nurture rising talent. This is alongside our ongoing commitment to enabling our team to continue their professional development. Below, we introduce just a few of our fabulous Curvy team members.

Meet Our Management Trainees

Ellie Cox, Resourcing Consultant

Joined the Curvy team on 6 September 2021.

What you love about working at The Curve Group: I love how it has a team feel, and that there are a lot of opportunities for you to meet people in other departments! The Curve Group always supports any progression that you may have, and there are always opportunities to get involved in things outside your job role.

Tell us about the trainee scheme & what you have learned so far: I loved the trainee scheme! I had just finished University and was unsure what I would like to do next. I joined the trainee scheme, and it was great to join with a team of trainees so the pressure of being the only new starter on your first day was non-existent! It gave me a great opportunity to get started in the world of work. I was completely new to Recruitment, so I have learned the whole scope of the Recruitment process – from sourcing candidates to sending them good luck emails on their first day! This is all with the help and support of other trainees and also other colleagues!

Your proudest moment so far: There are so many to choose from, but probably receiving my first offer for my candidate! It was so exciting to be able to deliver the news to the candidate and absolutely make their day!

Maddie Smith, Resourcing Consultant

Joined the Curvy team in July 2021 (3-month FTC) before officially beginning the Trainee Programme in September 2021.

What you love about working at The Curve Group: The people!

Tell us about the trainee scheme & what you have learned so far: The trainee scheme was done at a pace where our learning is spread out and easy to take in. I’ve learned how to work within an office-based role as I’ve never done this before, how to deal with candidates and clients, and gained experience which will help in my future career.

Your proudest moment so far: Graduating from the Trainee Programme, and every time I get to make someone’s day delivering an offer. Also, being trusted with more responsibilities as I’ve grown my knowledge and skills over the past few months.

Meet Our Curvy Returners

Samantha Watson, Recruitment Business Partner

Joined the Curvy team on 7 September 2015 and again on 25 January 2022.

Why you left The Curve Group: I was given an opportunity to work with a colleague I previously worked very well with. The role was more of a hybrid role that included the Recruitment Business Partnering element. The complete package was very attractive, and I felt that it was something I could not pass up on.

Why you came back to The Curve Group: The role I was offered with the alternative company was not what it was described to be. I was grateful for the opportunity; however, it wasn’t The Curve Group! It didn’t have the friendly feel, the culture, the process, the professionalism that The Curve Group has! I missed it. I had made long-standing friendships, built excellent working relationships with colleagues, and senior managers, and stayed connected with most of the team I worked with. I heard about The Curve Group working with a previous client again (it’s not just employees that come back – our clients do too!) and was advised there was a position as a Recruitment Business Partner available, which excited me.

What you love about working at The Curve Group: The people who make The Curve Group. The growth and how far the company has come since first joining back in 2015, the passion they have for their clients and employees, and how they invest time and energy into everything they do. You are made to feel like you are part of a team, valued and your opinion counts. They care!

Your proudest moment so far: Coming back to The Curve Group! It was a lovely feeling to know how well I was thought of, and the reception I received walking back into the Curvy HQ.

Gabbie Bourton, Recruitment Administrator

Joined the Curvy team on 2 March 2020 and again on 8 November 2021.

Why you left The Curve Group: I left in August 2021 for what I thought was an exciting opportunity in the big city, to do a similar role for a much larger company.

Why you came back to The Curve Group: I missed the culture, the values, the variety within my workload, but mostly the people. You really will not find a better bunch!

What you love about working at The Curve Group: I love working at The Curve Group because no two days are the same and I am never short of things to do. I always feel appreciated, supported, and heard. It is always a bonus to love who you work with; I have made some true friends whilst working at The Curve Group.

Your proudest moment so far: I am most proud of becoming confident enough to tackle all types of tasks and challenges thrown my way and trusted to deliver, whether it be internally or client facing.

Meet Our Grown Talent

Shannon Woolley, HR BPO Manager

Joined the Curvy team September 2014

What you love about working at The Curve Group: The people at The Curve Group are amazing! Everyone is very supportive, friendly, and passionate about transforming working lives. I also love that we are able to provide our clients with flexible, scalable and cost-effective solutions for the entire employee lifecycle.

Tell us about how your career has developed at The Curve Group: I joined The Curve Group as an apprentice and started within marketing. It gave me exposure to a wide variety of business areas including Contractors, Recruitment, Marketing and HR. This experience enabled me to define what I enjoyed the most, and HR was definitely what I was most passionate about. I started within HR as an Administrator and now manage the entire HR Administration Outsourcing department.

Your proudest moment so far: Being promoted to HR BPO Manager has been my proudest moment so far.

Cat Coggins, Head of Internal HR & Legal

Joined the Curvy team in August 2011.

What you love about working at The Curve Group: The variety – no two days are the same in my role and I love that I’m able to utilise knowledge and skills gained in my law degree and postgraduate qualifications in my responsibilities at The Curve Group. I also work with a fantastic group of people!

Tell us about how your career has developed at The Curve Group: I started on The Curve Group’s graduate scheme many moons ago within the Recruitment side of the business. As part of the scheme, The Curve Group put me through my Level 7 CIPD qualification in HR Management. Once qualified, I moved into and developed the internal HR function at The Curve Group and then took over the legal function. Experiencing various different roles at The Curve Group has really helped me gain a better understanding of the needs of the business.

Your proudest moment so far: Not a moment but I’m really proud of what I have achieved at The Curve Group – I don’t often pause to take stock of where I have got to but I’m proud of my journey, I do feel that my role really makes a difference.


Sonia Multani, Head of Outsource Services

Joined the Curvy team in 2016 after 10 years at Reed.

What you love about working at The Curve Group: You are recognised for your hard work; I have always felt valued and rewarded. I love how we live and breathe our values, and the passion we have for what we do!! I also love the people I work with. I have made some great friends whilst working at The Curve Group.

Tell us about how your career has developed at The Curve Group: I started as a Headhunter in 2016 and was promoted to Recruitment Business Parter in 2018. Most recently, I was promoted to Head of Outsource Services in 2021.

Your proudest moment so far: I am lucky to have had a few in the last 12 months including introducing a new client to The Curve Group and also having a hand in winning two RPO’s.

Geoff Bridger, Headhunter

Joined the Curvy team in July 2021.

What you love about working at The Curve Group: We are trusted to do a great job. There is a genuinely warm and friendly company culture where it is a pleasure to come to work. There seems to be an ingrained desire to do what is best for the team as a whole, and it feels like a very fair working environment with lots of dynamism, flexibility and room to progress.

Tell us about how your career has developed at The Curve Group: My background is in agency recruitment, so I was always curious about how an RPO model works. It has been a real eye-opener since joining The Curve Group and I feel like it has really served to round off my experience. I have also had the chance to work with a couple of really exciting clients. This has given me the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with hiring managers as well as play a more proactive role in bringing great people into businesses.

Your proudest moment so far: Hard to say but helping one of our newer clients fill a role that they had been struggling with for over a year before we came into the process was incredibly satisfying.

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