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The Curve Group Partner with UK Finance to Deliver Free IR35 Webinar

The Curve Group Partner with UK Finance to Deliver Free IR35 Webinar

We’re delighted to have partnered with leading industry body UK Finance to deliver a free IR35 webinar on the 29th January.  You can watch the webinar here.

This essential IR35 webinar is an informative guide for those who engage contractors in their organisation.  It provides an understanding of how the impending change to IR35 legislation will impact you and your organisation.  In it, we discuss:

  • an explanation of the IR35 reforms
  • the impact of the IR35 reforms
  • guidance and advice on next steps
  • industry best practices
  • how to continue to utilise a contingent workforce post April
  • assessing your current risk
  • calculating the cost of alternative options

The IR35 webinar is suitable for people across multiple sectors and functions, whether you are in Operations, HR, Tax, Procurement or responsible for heading up a department that utilises contractors, such as Facilities or IT.

Watch it for free here and ensure you are compliant with the changes before April 2021 – when the IR35 legislation changes come into effect.  For further information about the IR35 reforms, you can watch our simple introduction video to IR35 or read our Employer’s Guide to IR35 in the Private Sector.

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