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Online Webinar | Sustaining Employee Mental Health & Wellbeing

Online Webinar | Sustaining Mental Health & Wellbeing As Employees Return To The Workplace

In line with government guidance, an increasing number of workers have gradually returned to the workplace. Naturally, the focus initially for employers was on implementing office-based health and safety measures. However, as employees settle into their long-term working routines post-Covid 19 and numerous lockdowns, employee wellbeing is now a key focus.

Indeed, business leaders are set to increase their spend on employee wellbeing by 18% in the next year according to Bupa’s Global Executive Wellbeing Index 2021. Understandably so, as the benefits of doing so are plentiful – employees feel more engaged and supported and are therefore less likely to leave, reducing headcount turnover and recruitment spend.

So how do you step up and professionalise your employee wellbeing strategy – beyond cake and cuddles – to ensure you’re providing your teams with the support, resources and working structures to maintain their wellbeing?

In our webinar we covered:

  • How to define wellbeing in a business environment
  • The benefits of creating a long-term employee wellbeing strategy vs chasing quick wins
  • How to develop your own employee wellbeing strategy
  • Key pillars which will support employee wellbeing:
    • Remote working policies
    • Flexible working policies
    • Investing in training and education
    • Mental health first aiders
  • The importance of listening to your employees and responding to their inputs and feedback

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