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Online Webinar | Developing A Successful Induction Process

Online Webinar | Developing A Successful Induction Process

Online Webinar | How To Develop A Successful Induction Process In Your Business

The first few days a new employee spends with your business are absolutely key. As an employer – it is your biggest opportunity to make a clear and positive first impression of what it is really like to be part of your team and to begin to build employee loyalty and trust. The induction process used during those first few days, weeks and months should demonstrate how well organized and professional your business is and crucially – that you care for your staff by making a significant effort to welcome them.

A poorly run induction process, that lacks any professionalism or structure, will not be good for your employer brand. If a new joiner has a bad experience – if they aren’t given the technology, systems access, knowledge or training they need to be able to do their job well, it’s unlikely that they’ll stay with your business. Of course, this means that you’ll face high rates of attrition and will need to recruit once again, spending yet more time and money to replace them. A waste of precious resources which could be completely avoided if the induction process was properly managed.

In the webinar we covered:

  • Why induction processes are important
  • Accountability in the induction process
  • What should be included within induction processes
  • How to tailor inductions to suit roles
  • Suggested formats and timelines
  • The importance of feedback
  • Next steps

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