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5 Key Areas HR Affects In A High-Growth SME

5 Key Areas HR Affects in a High-Growth SME

High growth for any business requires adaption, agility and flexibility.  It can result in significant changes in processes and procedures to keep up with the increase in demand.  However, rapid changes can also leave some business areas behind or overlooked.

The role of HR in a growing business plays both a strategic and instrumental role in securing the future of the company.  In our experience, there are five key areas that SMEs should consider when addressing how to best focus HR efforts during a period of rapid growth.

  1. Decision-making
  2. Culture
  3. Office environment
  4. Employee relations
  5. On-boarding

These help form a solid base on which to both build a business, develop and manage people and ensure HR operates effectively within a business. We considered each of these elements when we carried out a full audit of a client’s current HR function and assessed their future HR requirements in line with their overall business strategy.  Read it here.

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