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Why Outplacement Should Be Part Of A Broader Career Development Business Strategy

Why Outplacement Should be Part of a Broader Career Development Business Strategy

Despite the fact that most people have experienced or can expect to experience their role being made redundant at some point during their career, redundancies and restructures are still a taboo subject associated in many people’s minds with failure on the part of organisations and sometimes even shame for individuals.

It is undeniable that redundancy can have a devastating impact on individuals at the time, but experience shows that often, career change turns out to be a positive thing. The media has a great deal to answer for in generating fear. Headlines talk of mass redundancies at large organisations, alongside business failure, terrible effects on families and huge impact on the economy.

In our white paper, we discuss the causes of redundancies, why career transitions are part of our employment journey and how to successfully manage career changes in your business.  Read it here.



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