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Onboarding and Induction Audit

Expert audit of onboarding and induction processes, enabling businesses to deliver more effective experiences for new employees.

Identification of where practical changes can be made to improve the candidate experience, reduce drop-out rates and improve the integration of new starters into a business.

The processes behind these early stages in an employee’s journey have many bases to cover – from legal, compliance, engagement and education to name but a few.

The period of time during which a new starter is onboarded and inducted is critical. It is widely reported and evidenced that poor onboarding and induction processes can lead to high dropout rates and early attrition – ultimately resulting in a significant waste of time and energy for a business. It can also damage the employer brand which in turn can impede future recruitment processes.

Our Onboarding and Induction audit service offers a holistic assessment of a business’s entire onboarding and induction process, including the responsibilities of internal parties and candidates themselves, all collateral and communications utilised throughout, through to coverage and delivery of content within induction programmes.

We know that every business is as unique as the people within it. That’s why we tailor our Onboarding and Induction audits to meet each business’ unique requirements. Get in touch today, so we can find out more about what you need and how we can help.

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Onboarding and Induction Audit

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