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September’s CurveMail Is Here!

September’s CurveMail is Here!

Getting Career Focused

Our latest edition of CurveMail is out!  In it, we discuss the importance of having career transitions as part of a wider business strategy.  Career transitions include apprenticeships, graduate schemes, management progression, outplacement and much more.  So, getting these transitions right is crucial for both your employee’s career journey and for your business.  You can read more about this in our white paper, ‘Why Outplacement Should be Part of a Broader Career Development Business Strategy‘.

You’ll also read about our recent regional win, as we celebrated being awarded East Midlands winner of Workplace Wellbeing.  We’re now through to the National Finals in November.  We’ve supported some of the UK’s most renowned brands to improve their culture, ethos and environment.  So, we’re proud to receive external recognition for our work in this area.  Find out what this means for The Curve Group here.

We share some of the fantastic work that we’ve carried out in September, including the launch of our new online HR calculator – making it even easier for companies to see how much it would cost them for different types of HR support based on the size of their business – and attending the Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce B2B Exhibition.

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If you would like to know more about The Curve Group and how we can help with career transitions across your organisation, give us a call on  01295 811 486 or email us

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