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Recruitment Process Audit For Leading Retail and Commercial Bank

Recruitment Process Audit For Leading Retail and Commercial Bank

Service: Recruitment Process Audit

Industry: Financial Services

Headcount: 2,650+

Location: UK

“The Curve Group undertook a comprehensive audit of our existing processes … it was clear they had really listened to and understood our business whilst leveraging their knowledge and sector-specific financial services experience. The HR and Operational teams are now moving at pace in strong partnership to deliver the tactical and strategic actions based on the insights provided by The Curve Group.”

Our client, a leading retail and commercial bank, struggled to attract candidates and retain employees in a key delivery centre. The volume and quality of candidates was insufficient and did not provide the scale needed to meet delivery requirements. Employee retention was low, indicating wider issues within BAU operations.

The objective of the audit was to provide an independent review of the recruitment, on-boarding and training processes to understand why recruitment levels were consistently lower than required and why staff were leaving.

Our team undertook a deep dive audit into the recruitment processes and practices, in order to identify where there were issues and opportunities to make improvements. A blend of quantitative and qualitative methodologies were utilised to assess a number of key elements including:

  • The role itself i.e roles and responsibilities, remuneration and shift requirements
  • The talent sourcing, attraction, engagement and EVP strategies
  • The screening and assessment processes
  • The onboarding and training processes and;
  • BAU Operations once candidates were in situ

In total, 21 stakeholders were interviewed, 23 data sources were interrogated and the client’s recruitment collateral and process, employer brand and value proposition were also benchmarked against key competitors.

Findings were presented back to key stakeholders, along with key recommendations. Fundamentally, we identified that there was a significant opportunity to improve attraction and retention if the client:

  • Re-positioned how the role was defined and promoted in the candidate market, by championing it as an excellent entry point into a financial services career with great opportunities for future progression.
  • Made changes to the way in which candidates were assessed and selected, moving away from a cumbersome, half-day assessment process to a more agile and efficient one which would instead keep pace with requirements.
  • Delivered further training and development to existing Team Leaders in order to improve the management approach once employees were in situ.
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