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From Engineering Managers Into People Leaders

Berendsen UK is the UK’s leading supplier of textile hire and laundry services operating over 60 sites across the UK and employing over 9,000 people.

On each site, an Engineering Manager plus a team of Engineers are responsible for developing and maintaining all aspects of the technical operation. Tasks range from managing a new installation, ensuring regular maintenance, minimising environmental impact and ensuring reporting on technical and engineering matters. The Engineering Managers work closely with their counterparts in Production and Logistics, where there can sometimes be natural tensions.

A Chief Engineering Manager was committed to the development of his team, both as technical professionals and as managers. He recognised the need to give equal status to the development of his Engineering Managers as leaders of people, as well as technical specialists.  The Curve Group were commissioned to design a two-year modular leadership development programme to develop the Engineering Managers into People Leaders. To demonstrate the success of the programme, Berensden have since rolled out the programme to Logistics Managers with plans to involve Production in the next financial year.

Read the full case study here to find out more about the process and the programme.

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