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Online Webinar | Employer Brands & Employee Value Propositions

Online Webinar | Employer Brands & Employee Value Propositions

Online Webinar | Developing Effective Employer Brands & Compelling Employee Value Propositions

As the economy shows signs of recovery post-pandemic, business confidence is returning. The upward trend of live job vacancies is continuing at pace, as demonstrated by the Institute for Fiscal Studies’ Real-time job vacancy tracker. It’s easy to predict that the process of securing talent will only continue to be more competitive due to it being such a candidate-led market.

Do you have plans to recruit? Do you already have live vacancies but are struggling to find the talent your business needs? If so – have you reviewed your employer brand recently? Is it strong enough to compete with all of the other businesses targeting the same talent? Does your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) enable your business to both attract and retain the talent you need?

In the webinar we covered:

  • The impact of Covid-19 on the job market
  • Why employer brands and Employee Value Propositions matter
  • What others are doing to promote theirs
  • How to take stock of what’s working and what isn’t
  • Key considerations when refreshing or building Employee Value Propositions
  • Why retention strategies are key to protecting your employer brand

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