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CEO Blog – Role Models

CEO Blog

Role Model n. A Person Who Others Look To As An Example To Be Imitated

Oxford English Dictionary

International Women’s Day has got me thinking about role models and how I feel about being called one. As a child, I never said ‘when I grow up I want to be a role model’- it’s not something I set out to become and when someone calls me a role model I still find it amusing!

When I was coming up through my career prior to forming Curve, there were very few female role models out there. If my LinkedIn, Instagram and news feeds are anything to go by, I feel like we now have visibility of so many more which is fabulous but there’s still further work to be done.

Personally, I don’t think being a role model or indeed having success on any level should at all be determined by your gender – or indeed your age, race, background, beliefs, abilities, or sexuality. It should be based on your behaviour, the example you set, the choices you make and commitment to doing the right thing. Across the board – personally and professionally.

That’s the message I choose to embody.

Being as people-orientated as I am, I find it so rewarding when I know I have made a difference, even in the smallest way. Professionally for example, I take great delight in seeing fabulous talent develop and grow. I am most proud when I can see them choosing to do the right thing, receiving promotions, and consequently helping colleagues, partners, clients candidates to do the very same.

Recently, we invited the whole business to ask questions to our Executive Committee. One of the questions asked was ‘what advice would we give to an aspiring leader’?

My answer was twofold:

  • To let us know – so that we could support their ambition within the business
  • To build strong networks externally as they can and will also support you

People helping people – that’s the crux of it.

If anyone chooses to look to me as an example to be imitated, I’d rather they did so because of my people-first philosophy, attitude and behaviour, than my gender.

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