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Recruitment Process Audit

Improving Recruitment Processes

In the current candidate market, it is essential that recruitment processes are operationally effective in order to secure the right talent at the right time.

Poor recruitment processes often lead to bad hires, which in turn can have a significant impact on a business’ bottom line. The average cost of replacing a leaver has been estimated at c.£30,614. If your recruitment process repeatedly results in bad hires, the cost to the business can quickly escalate.

It can be difficult to find the time to review recruitment processes while simultaneously managing live vacancies.

At The Curve Group, we offer an unbiased recruitment process audit. An expert team of experienced recruitment professionals deliver the audit and manage the entire process – allowing your team to continue to focus on BAU.

We were recently engaged by a financial services organisation to conduct an independent audit of their recruitment processes. The leadership team did not have visibility of spend and performance, processes were not consistent and the candidate experience was poor. The objective set by the client was to gain true visibility of performance, identify opportunities for process improvements and provide potential cost savings. Senior stakeholders within the HR and Talent teams were interviewed and all related processes and procedures were reviewed.


Recruitment Process Audit

Key Findings & Recommendations

Post-audit completion, we presented key findings back to the senior leadership team. We reported that the Recruitment process:

  • Was not consistent causing confusion and inefficiencies
  • Lacked governance through hiring metrics, making performance difficult to track
  • Did not utilise HR technology well, resulting in missed opportunities to drive process efficiencies
  • Lacked true business partnering approach, meaning recruitment was reactive and not pro-active
  • Had no visibility of terms with agencies, resulting in high spend and lack of control

Alongside these findings, recommendations were made to improve the existing recruitment process. These included recommendations to prioritise:

  • Re-defining roles and responsibilities within the talent acquisition function
  • Rolling out process training to the Hiring Manager community to drive consistencies
  • Reconfiguring the HR software to capture meaningful data and drive process efficiencies
  • Auditing of recruitment agency suppliers to standardise terms and control costs


Read another case study to find out more about our Recruitment Process Audits:

Recruitment Process Audit

We engaged The Curve Group to deliver an audit of our Recruitment function as we knew we needed to make some big changes but didn’t have the capacity or expertise in-house to identify or prioritise these. They provided us with a comprehensive but clear set of recommendations based on their evidence-based findings. As a result, we were able to streamline the team, re-gain control of the processes and significantly reduce recruitment spend.

CEO | Financial Services
Recruitment Process Audit

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