Where Are All The Female Startup Entrepreneurs?

Posted on November 17, 2015

The Curve Group’s Lyndsey Simpson has recently featured in a piece for Bizdaq written by Chloe Suret, exploring with five other successful female entrepreneurs what they feel the Government should be doing to increase the number of female entrepreneurs in business.

The other inspirational female entreprenuers who gave their views alongside Lyndsey were Martha Lane Fox, Joanna Montgomery, Lisa Tse and Julie Dobson.

The full article can be found here – https://www.bizdaq.co.uk/blog/female-startup-entrepreneurs/

When asked for her views, Lyndsey said “Encourage entrepreneurship in children and teach business skills (particularly financial) to children. Far more female business leaders than men I meet are unable to read a balance sheet, understand cash flow analysis or a profit and loss account. These are essential business skills and without that key financial knowledge, women are fearful that they don’t understand this side of the business and thus don’t push forward to start up their own businesses. If these topics were taught at school then the playing field will be levelled and more women will have the confidence to make the leap into entrepreneurship.”

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