The Future of BPO

Posted on May 24, 2013

The Future of BPO
Jeanette Ramsden, Co-Owner, The Curve Group

BPO will continue to grow from strength to strength as outsourcing your non-core activity will be seen as “it’s what all companies do”. No-one finds it in the least bit strange that organisations outsource their catering and cleaning and I feel this is exactly how an organisation will feel, moving forward, about BPO. However, how medium sized companies are serviced will be interesting and provide a market opportunity.

Within my own organisation, The Curve Group, I have outsourced all non-core activities as I have in my personal life!

I feel there is room for niche outsourcing players too, especially specialist organisations that can partner larger BPO players to deliver fabulous improvements for clients in spaces such as recruitment and PR.

An area to watch is the Public Sector. With the pressure to reduce costs and make redundancies, coupled with many of the large BPO organisations reticence to work in this space, I feel there will be less activity.

Finally, the word is DIGITAL and what that might offer. As an example organisations are starting to analyse social media much more to understand what their customers feel about their products and services. This can range from a dedicated Facebook page through to people’s individual blogs. All contain really powerful feedback about an organisations ability to serve their customers and can be read by hundreds/thousands of people who could be buyers. I (we) see a lot of this work being outsourced – both the analytics around it which could be used to target and/or segment customer groups but also the actual 24 x 7 monitoring of what’s being written about a company – their Social Media persona if you like and how they manage their online reputation.

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