The Curve Group Launch Pre-Employment & Vetting Solution

Posted on May 7, 2015

The Curve Group, one of the UK’s most disruptive and fast-growing Outsourcing and Talent Management companies, announces today that it has launched a suite of market-leading pre-employment screening and vetting solutions. The division, known as PVS, will sit within The Curve Group’s Outsource Solutions business and provides the option to white label the whole process under employer’s brands, creating a seamless candidate experience.

The Curve Group’s new PVS solution promises to shorten the time to hire and provides a straight forward process for businesses, candidates and employees alike. The solution is ‘People-Led, Technology Enabled’, and uses their unique Curve Talent Management Technology, to remove all of the manual processes for candidates, whilst still providing a dedicated contact for each candidate to put back the human touch to vetting. The checks include criminal, financial, alias, right to work, press analysis, qualifications and FCA approved functions. The Curve Group also offers innovative vehicle and driver checks to enable employers to check penalty points, insurance and MOT coverage of their employees. This is a unique offering to the UK market and an innovation in the vetting arena, made all the more relevant by the impact of the recent DVLA changes to abolish the paper counterpart to the photocard driving license.

Carlie Martin, Performance Improvement Analyst, Wincor Nixdorf comments:I found the whole process quite seamless and much quicker than I have ever experienced. Being vetted is always a slightly nervous process, but with such a good contact it was a breeze. To my absolute surprise the whole process took just over two weeks, which was compared to at least a month in my previous company. I’m very happy with the whole experience with PVS.”

The Curve Group is known for being disruptive in its industry and has recently been announced as one of the Everline Future 50 – a listing of the most disruptive businesses in the UK. Covering every industry and sector across the UK, The Curve Group was listed amongst other disruptors such as leisure business Pay as U gym, energy company Flow and funding platform provider CrowdCube.

The launch of The Curve Group’s new PVS solution comes shortly after the announcement of the company’s restructure, which saw a complete business overhaul and rebrand. As well as offering Outsource Solutions, The Curve Group also offer a Talent on Demand solution to the Business and Financial Services sectors, as well as being the Financial Services remediation specialists.

Lyndsey Simpson, co-owner, The Curve Group comments: “We are extremely proud of what we have achieved with our PVS solution. Our new vetting service is proven to make what is often seen as a drawn out and painful process, actually a positive part of the on-boarding experience. In addition, in response to customer demand, we have launched at the same time new re-vet solutions to re-check existing employees and new driver and vehicle check services. This is yet another example of how The Curve Group has recognised problems for businesses and HR and developed the perfect solution to take away any pain associated with vetting.”

The Curve Group’s PVS solution is available to those requiring 50 or more checks per annum.

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