The Curve Group has Celebrated their Successes and Embarked on the New Financial Year in Style at the Annual, Company-Wide Launch Event titled ‘One Giant Leap for CurveKind’

Posted on November 17, 2017

The Curve Group has celebrated their successes and embarked on the new financial year in style at the annual, company-wide Launch event. The event saw the business assemble at The Great Barn, A Day in The County, Aynho to attend the space themed event titled ‘One Giant Leap for CurveKind’.

The senior leaders from across the business presented the highlights and key messages from their respective parts of the business and were joined by a special guest speaker, Stuart McKinlay from Provident Financial Limited, a client of The Curve Group. McKinlay gave an overview of the workforce transformation project that The Curve Group delivered on behalf of Provident earlier this year, ‘through the eyes of the client’. The project resulted in the 4,800 part-time, self-employed workers transition to 3,000 full-time, employed workforce within a 3 month timeframe, making it the largest and most complex workforce transformation project of its kind in the UK to date.

Some of the other key topics covered over the course of the day included building on the many successes of the past year, being ‘curious’ and exploring possibilities and maintaining a focus on achieving the ambitious growth targets held by the business over the new financial year.

Co-Owner of The Curve Group Della Wolfe commented “The Annual Launch Event is one of the most significant dates in the Curve Calendar and plays an extremely important part in maintaining high levels of employee engagement across the business. Our aim is to make sure that every employee, regardless seniority or functional role, leaves the Launch with a renewed energy and enthusiasm and understands the part they have to play in helping us to achieve our goals over the coming year. This year’s space themed event was a fun way of expressing where we are as a business; poised and ready to take ‘One Giant Leap for CurveKind’ together”.

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