The Curve Group Celebrate their Quarterly Cascade

Posted on February 28, 2018

The Curve Group’s aim for this financial year is to take ‘One Giant Leap for CurveKind’ and continue to strive towards reaching their companywide Quest to Transform 1,000,000 by creating and delivering extraordinary people solutions.

Back in November 2017, the details of The Curve Group’s ‘Giant Leap’ strategy were presented at the annual company-wide launch and on February 14th, Della Wolfe, CEO of the Curve Group provided an update to staff on the achievements of the first quarter of 2017/18.  Della summarised the new projects which have been secured, successes attained for existing clients (with placement levels reaching staggering heights!) and a range of fabulous client and candidate testimonials received across the business.

The Curve Group’s theme, target and mission for Quarter 2 were also launched, the staff engagement competition for the quarter was revealed and new joiners were welcomed.
CEO, Della Wolfe commented ‘Our quarterly cascades are a great opportunity to involve and communicate to all the Curve employees in a short session and reiterate the really important part everyone has to play in ensuring the success of the business over the coming quarter’.

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