Companies using Recruitment Agencies have a Speed Versus Quality Issue

Posted on March 24, 2014

Companies expect CV’s in three to five days but then rate quality of candidates as the most important factor

The Curve Group today announces the results of its recent survey amongst over 50 companies that hire using recruitment agencies. 82% rated the ‘quality’ of candidates as the most important reason for using an agency with no one listing ‘speed’ of finding candidates as the most important. However, surprisingly three-quarters of the respondents still expect CV’s within three to five days; raising the question whether agencies are expected to have candidates on their books rather than completing a thorough search of the market to find non-actively seeking candidates.

When ranking what makes a good recruitment partner, ‘Trust/ethical practices’ came in at second scoring higher than both a knowledge of the industry or of the clients’ business. This focus on quality continues to shine through with 100% of respondents only accepting candidates that have been interviewed by the agency, with a massive 98% preferring these to be face to face interviews. 94% would now accept Skype/video conference interviews as an acceptable alternative which will help agencies reduce costs and deliver candidates faster to their clients.

When it came to how many CVs would expected to be shared, clearly there is a disconnect between hiring companies and recruitment agencies. Most recruitment agencies would look to send over up to three CVs for a position, yet only 22% of hiring companies would be happy with one to three CVs with over half of the respondents expecting to receive three to five CV’s, 16% five-ten CVs and 8% expecting ten or more for a position.

Jeanette Ramsden, Co-Owner, The Curve Group comments;

This survey proves that the recruitment industry and the companies that use them have a discord between wanting lots of CV’s, very quickly, of people that are of a high-quality and have been screened face to face. We would recommend that hiring companies and recruitment agencies spend time agreeing at the start of any new search what the priorities are along these conflicting dimensions to reduce the level of frustration and disappointment that sits on both side of this relationship when expectations are not clarified.
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