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Recruitment Transformation

A holistic combination of diagnostic, consultancy and delivery capabilities enabling businesses to successfully effect change and transform Recruitment functions.

Whether you need to build a brand-new team, restructure an existing team, ‘in-source’ a Recruitment Process Outsource (RPO)  service, outsource to an RPO provider or you want to create a hybrid model somewhere in the middle, we can help.

If it’s change, it’s transformation which sounds daunting but you don’t have to do it on your own. This is where we can help. You may have an exceptional team of Recruitment practitioners in-house but they are unlikely to possess experience and / or range of unique and diverse skillsets required to plan or execute a transformation programme. Through our Recruitment Transformation service, we provide access to a team of experts who specialise in building, implementing, transforming and transitioning Recruitment functions.

The Curve Group’s Recruitment Transformation service is completely flexible as it provides as much or as little of the expertise and capacity a business might need in order to assess, design and execute a Recruitment Transformation. Whether you want to lead the transformation yourself, and just need an impartial diagnostic to confirm what you think needs to change, or you need a team to step in on a short-term basis to deliver ‘business as usual’ recruitment requirements, or if you want to hand the full baton over to build, train and deploy a new team and function – we can help.

How We Do This

  • Undertake a diagnostic or an audit to assess the current status and identify opportunities to make improvements, savings and enhancements
  • Deliver a Board Report ready for you to share with decision-makers, building the business case for transformation
  • Plan and / or execute the change programme
  • Build, Train and Deploy your very own in-house Recruitment team
  • Take care of your ‘business as usual’ recruitment processes and delivery during this period of change
  • Deliver any additional wrap-around projects, services or consultancy support as required
  • Re-audit the function once ‘business as usual’ has been operational for 6 months

As a business, you get to pick and choose any blend of the above to meet your needs.

Recruitment Transformation
Recruitment Transformation

Audits & Diagnostics

Not sure where to start? Find out more about our audit and diagnostic services.

Businesses use our audit and diagnostic reports to enable and aid decisions for future investment or transformation within their recruitment function.

Why Consider Change Or Transformation Of A Recruitment Function?

  • Lack of skill or expertise
  • Lack of capacity or inability to scale or flex with current model
  • Business demands and expectations have changed
  • Cost pressures from the business or a need to keep fixed cost low
  • Underperformance of team and/or department
  • Company perception of the function is poor
  • Technology infrastructure / data isn’t delivering what the business needs
  • Lack of visibility or control over employer brand
  • Current Recruitment partner not adding value or innovating
  • A greater need for strategic partners
  • Over-dependency on multiple agency partners and lack of control on this process
  • Inconsistency of processes, procedures and experiences
  • Business change i.e. merger and acquisition / new service / new team or sector
Recruitment Transformation
Recruitment Transformation

Get In Touch

Whether you already have a clear idea of what you want to achieve, or you want to explore your options – we can help.

We know that every business is as unique as the people within it. That’s why we tailor our Recruitment Transformation services to meet each business’s unique requirements.

Get in touch today, so we can find out more about what you need and how we can help.

We are ready to listen.

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