Why it’s important not to take yourself too seriously

Even as the boss, it’s important to show your human side. Laughter has all kinds of business benefits, says Lyndsey Simpson.

So, you’re the leader. You need to set an example for others to follow. As such, you make sure you’re the first one in the office, you demonstrate how best to act with customers so your teams can follow suit and, importantly, you set the tone for what is acceptable around here.
All too often though, the weight of this responsibility can mean that even the most fun and edgy entrepreneur from the start-up days, starts to become corporate and serious as your business becomes larger. My advice? Do precisely the opposite and regress as far as formality goes, the larger you become.The joy of owning your own business is that YOU set the rules. You don’t have to dance to the sound of someone else’s drum and, as such, can show your employees why it’s fabulous to work in such a liberating, entrepreneurial environment and demonstrate why your customers want to do business with your company, rather than your larger, more homogenous competitors.


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