The Drivers for Change and Likely Future for Employers using Self-Employed Workers

When we hear about 40,000 Uber and 55,000 Hermes drivers and 15,000 Deliveroo riders being self-employed, the numbers of which have grown exponentially in recent years, we suspect that many of the workers are self-employed in a 2nd, 3rd or 4th job – out of view of official data. ¬†Whilst ubiquitously termed ‘gig working’, the new area of interest is work that is facilitated by matching people available to work to employer and consumer need via on-line work intermediary platforms (WIPs) – companies such as Uber, Upwork, Taskrabbit and PeoplePerHour.

As supply chains become more complex even the more traditional models have come under the spotlight of government, for example in agency facilitation and the use of ‘Umbrella Employment’.

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