Smooth Landing

We have all at some point in our lives been the new starter, feeling nervous and potentially uncomfortable as we enter our new place of work for the first time. Those first few steps play a major part in shaping the success of your future. Equally, the quality of the business’s induction process is likely to have a huge impact on the time it takes for you to become settled and begin to deliver the value that you were hired to deliver.

There probably aren’t many people reading this column who currently find themselves in this position. I suspect you now find yourselves on the other side of the equation. As the employer, you’ll be wishing that somebody you hire could be competent at their job by day two. As a business owner and entrepreneur myself, I can’t help but sympathise with this. In my business, The Curve Group, we are currently hiring on average 60 new team members a year. This is complemented by our strategy of hiring on attributes and attitude rather than on industry skill and experience. In that sense, you could say we are making a rod for our own back by having to induct and train everyone almost from scratch. However, it does mean I can comment from first-hand experience about what has worked for us, which should hopefully provide some ideas to take forward into your own businesses.


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