Pedal To The Metal

Your business is going gangbusters. Though good for the bottom line, growth will have implications for your people strategy. The trick is managing it effectively.

So you’ve hit the accelerator pedal. Your business is scaling up – fast. It’s a nice problem to have, of course. But you are experiencing growing pains: running out of space, scared about cash!ow and top of the list, you are hitting a whole pile of new people problems that you just didn’t anticipate. It goes without saying that fast growth in itself can motivate your people. Most people like to feel part of something that is growing and going somewhere. However, and I can speak from experience of owning a business in hyper-growth mode, it can also present lots of new challenges that you just didn’t plan for. In this month’s column I hope to give you some food for thought and practical ideas on how to manage your people whether you are experiencing fast growth right now or if you are just planning for it.


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