Leaving your job? How to plan a great exit

If you’re leaving an organisation, how can you ensure you leave a great legacy? Lyndsey Simpson offers top tips to help ensure your exit goes smoothly.

Planning for the future

So, you are planning for your exit. Perhaps you have been tapped on the shoulder for an internal promotion, perhaps you are looking to retire or sell your business or have been headhunted to join another organisation. Whatever the scenario – what you do, how you behave and what you say in those last 100 days will be your organisation’s and employees’ lasting memory of you and, be under no illusion, will eclipse all the other great things that you have done up to that point. What can be an exciting time for you, thinking about the future and getting ready to move on, can be a time of real uncertainty for your employees and your actual resignation or announcement can be a body blow to your organisation. So, if you don’t care and just intend to work out your notice period and enjoy pretending to be busy – time to stop reading this article. However, if you care about the legacy you leave, the shape of the business the next executive is inheriting from you and the people that work in your organisation, the following tips may come in useful.

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