What to do when your teams resist change

As the title suggests, this month I am looking at the issue of change within businesses, in particular what to do when your teams resist change. In business as in life, change is at some point inevitable. Be they small or large scale, affecting solely us or many others too, changes can have a massive impact on many different aspects of our lives. We all develop our own way of doing things, our own way of getting the job done, and even the slightest changes can have significant impact on this, leaving people often feeling uncomfortable that their previous way of doing things has been affected.

Typically, change is often categorised as being either positive or negative. Whilst to you the difference may appear obvious, we can often forget that with an issue such as change, this is in fact subjective depending on the individual. We are often hugely excited by change in our businesses, especially when they are associated with positive outcomes such as growth. As we have been part of the process, we can often only see the positives, and it is easy to become frustrated when others just don’t seem to “get it”. Rather than simply becoming frustrated however, in order to deal with such problems it is crucial for us to try and understand others opinions and put ourselves in their shoes to understand their concerns or objections. More than likely those who are seen to be resisting the change will actually have a valid reason that is worth discussing and addressing.


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