How do you convert your employees into followers?

Followers is a term usually used in connection to social media and marketing campaigns. A follower is defined as someone who supports, admires, or believes in a particular person, group or idea. So why do we not talk about our employees in the same context? Surely these are exactly the type of people we would want in our businesses, representing our brands?

We spend so long trying to recruit the very best people, then as soon as they make the leap and commit to joining your business, the marketing and schmoozing to them of your brand all too often falls away. Without an engaged group of people who have moved from the realm of being an employee to being a follower, no business or product will ever fulfil the potential that it may have, regardless of how good you believe it to be.

So this month, I am looking at how you can convert your employees into followers and the steps that you can start to take from today to unleash their potential.


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