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Quality & Information Security Statement

Last update 2nd November 2021

The Curve Group is fully committed to providing our clients with a quality service whilst protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their data along with our own employee data.

Our Commitment

To supply our clients with a high-quality service that conforms to their requirements always aiming to exceed their expectations.

To set objectives which are clear, well communicated and to monitor our performance against those objectives monitored

To support a culture of Continuous Improvement throughout our business.

To maximise the use of our management resources to ensure quality and information security matters are appropriately handled.

To ensure compliance with all applicable information security and data protection laws and statutory regulations.

To ensure that our employees are clear about their responsibilities and ownership in relation to information security and receive regular appropriate training.

To ensure that information security risks are monitored and action is taken when changes result in risks that are unacceptable.

To ensure that security is an integral part of our information systems.

We provide the necessary resources to ensure that we continually review and improve our business operations to meet these goals.

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