We think they are marvellous. Our very own superheroes on a Quest…

“To Create Extraordinary People Solutions That Transform Working Lives”

The Extraordinary Curve Group Team

They have put down their superhero capes just for a moment to be photographed with one of their favourite things

  • Adrian Cumberbatch
    Gin, Parents, Sincere, Cocoa Butter, Cooking, Podcasts, Barbados, Fitness, Calm, Aston Villa, Friends, Power Nap
    Adrian Cumberbatch
  • Amanda Jolly
    Amanda Jolly
    Uggs, Red Wine, Mum, Wife, Dedicated, ebay, Dorset, Curry, City Breaks, To Do Lists, Hot Chocolate
    Amanda Jolly
  • Amy Bennett
    Football, Athletics, Tea, Make-Up, Chinese Food, Friends, Family, Movies, Dogs, Shoes, Perfume, Shopping, Bournemouth
    Amy Bennett
  • Amy Hobley
    Amy Hobley
    Beauty Therapist, Smiley, Planner, Peroni, Lists, Thoughtful, Driven, Margarine, Caring, Helpful, Energetic, Shopping, Family, Fun
    Amy Hobley
  • Amy Labaurn
    Gel Nails, Family, My Children, Handbags, Autumn, Make-Up, Movies, Gin, Positive, Outgoing, Photography, Design
    Amy Labaurn
  • Anna Clapton
    Anna Clapton
    Cocktails, Milk Bottles, Chelsea Tractor, Bubbles, Tin-Pot, Penelope Pitstop, Girlie Nights, James Bond, Dancing, Nails
    Anna Clapton
  • Belinda Marklew
    Belinda Marklew
    Playing Clarinet, Leadership & Teamwork, Making A Difference, Dancing, Sailing & Walking, Sea & Fells, Star Trek
    Belinda Marklew
  • Beverley Simms
    Athletics, Coach, Inspiring, Empowering, Rioja, Formula 1, Development, Change, Marvel Comic Movies, Sons, Positive
    Beverley Simms
  • Bryn Keech
    Music, Guitars, Concerts, Drums, My Kids, Jeep, Supportive, Thoughtful, Joker, Twin, Movies, Coaching, Development, Learning
    Bryn Keech
  • Caroline Harper
    Boxing, My Girls, Friends, Laughter, Peroni, Beaches, Phycological Thrillers, Open Water Swimming, Tapas, Prosecco, The Sea
    Caroline Harper
  • Catherine Buck
    French Bulldog, Happy, Positive, Passionate, Wine, Family, Holidays, Europe, British…and Australian, Independent, Music, Driven

    Catherine Buck
  • Catherine Coggins
    Catherine Coggins
    Good Books, Coffee, Chocolate (Any Kind), Family, Friends, Sun Sea & Sand, Spaghetti Carbonara, Florida, Cocktails
    Catherine Coggins