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Lyndsey Simpson, CEO Of The Curve Group And Member Of The Institute Of Directors Talks To Director Magazine

Lyndsey Simpson, CEO of The Curve Group and Member of the Institute of Directors talks to Director Magazine

Lyndsey Simpson, CEO of The Curve Group and member of the Institute of Directors (IoD) talks to Director Magazine, contributing to the ‘Ask the Execs’ feature. Lyndsey offers insight and advice on how to stand-out in a crowded digital start-up landscape by taking a different approach from larger competitors.

Here are Lyndsey’s five top tips:

1. Tell a story
Why does your business exist? How are you going to change your customer’s lives? What’s the exciting journey you are embarking on? Bring your story to life.

2. Offer something different
Don’t lead on financial elements as you can’t compete with deeper pockets of your competitors. Instead play to your strengths – less bureaucracy, freedom to make decisions, greater breadth in the role, the freedom to make a difference rather than death by powerpoint and sign-off committees that you get in large corporates.

3. Go ‘dating’
Court your prospective talent, as and when you spot them, at a conference or networking event. Don’t wait until you have a role for them, own keeping in touch with them, taking them out for coffee and when you have a role, six months, two years later, they will be totally engaged with you and your business.

4. Interview as if they are a new customer
Put your best people in front of your prospective employees first. Sell the story to everyone. Wrap this “sales process” around your technical interview so that everyone leaves wanting to work for you and you can select the best.

5. Be a speed demon
Show them just how different it is going to be working for an SME by moving at a pace your corporate competitors can’t match. Give them feedback the same day as the interview. Don’t spend 10 days drawing up an offer letter, send it out within 24 hours, or the same day if you can and follow-up with a phone call.

At The Curve Group, our unique Magnet For Talent© approach is a process by which we create a completely bespoke and comprehensive candidate attraction strategy, ensuring that our clients are attracting the best talent in the market to their business. Through our Magnet For Talent© offering, we make a promise to our clients to deliver a tangible uplift in their talent strength by strengthening their employer value proposition (EVP).

If you would like to know more about The Curve Group please call us on 01295 811 486 or get in touch via



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