Lyndsey Simpson – CEO of The Curve Group, has made a double radio appearance this morning speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live’s ‘Wake Up to Money’ programme and BBC Radio Oxford

Posted on September 19, 2017

Lyndsey Simpson – CEO of The Curve Group, has made a double radio appearance this morning, firstly speaking to Sean Farrington and Louise Cooper on BBC Radio 5Live’s ‘Wake Up to Money’ programme, shortly followed by an appearance on BBC Radio Oxford Breakfast Show with David Prever, to discuss the workforce management and planning issues that are behind Ryan Air having to cancel flights for 400,000 passengers. Ryan Air’s chief executive, Michael O’Leary, announced yesterday at a press conference that between 40-50 flights per day would be cancelled for the next 6 weeks as a result of a ‘backlog of annual leave’ amongst its pilot employee base, costing the airline about €25m (£22m) in compensation payouts and other costs. One of the main causes of this huge disruption to operations is due to a shift of the annual leave year from April – March to January – December from the start of 2018, a move that was forced by the Irish Aviation Authority and announced last year. Other factors that have allegedly contributed to the operational disruption and ultimate decision to cancel the 2,000 flights include industrial action by French air traffic control staff and poor weather conditions. During her radio interviews this morning, Lyndsey commented on how Ryan Air could have used some standard workforce management techniques to ensure that annual leave was being taken evenly throughout the year to avoid such a backlog occurring at the end of the year, particularly given the advance warning from the Irish Aviation Authority to the change in annual leave year. Lyndsey also commented on action that Ryan Air could have taken to bolster the core employed pilot talent pool with flexible self-employed resource that could be called upon at short notice to provide the roster cover required.

Download the podcast here and here.

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