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CurveMail October 2018

Today we are talking about … Flexible HR support for growing businesses

Attracting, nurturing, engaging and retaining Talent is often cited as the biggest barrier to business growth and success – this remains true whether you are a small growing business or a large and established business. In this edition of CurveMail we share examples of how two very different organisations have drawn upon flexible HR support in order to strengthen their offerings to Talent and future-proof their businesses.
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Today we are talking about … Contingent Workers

This edition of CurveMail is all about managing non-permanent Talent such as Contractors, Consultants, Freelancers, Temps and Statement of Work providers…also known as a ‘Contingent Workers’. This is a very hot topic for The Curve Group as we’re delighted to announce the launch of our new Contingent Workforce Management Solutions webpage which sets out details of our management solutions which keep you safe and save you money.
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Today we are talking about … Diversity and Inclusion

This edition of CurveMail focuses on the hot topic of Diversity and Inclusion. You can read about the importance of this topic and our tips on how to embed Diversity and Inclusion in your workforce in our latest White Paper. We feature a video interview with Nick Forkin – Head of Talent Acquisition at Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) – who discusses what CCEP are doing to champion Diversity and Inclusion. You can read the full case study for the audit we delivered for CCEP, as well as a round-up of news articles.
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Today we are talking about … Your Talent Management Strategy in 2018 and Beyond!

This edition of CurveMail brings to you a Managing Director’s view on the most pertinent Talent Management topics for 2018, together with an interesting report on the ‘Future of Work’ from our legal partners, Osborne Clarke and a White Paper examining the alternatives to the traditional Performance Management ‘Appraisal’.
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Today we are talking about … HR Data and Analytics

This edition of CurveMail brings you the most up to date thought leadership on the topic of HR Data and Analytics including how we use this information within The Curve Group, a case study demonstrating HR Analytics in action and an example of how we have provided best in class Management Information to a client that enabled the successful delivery of a large high profile project.
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Today we are talking about … Workforce Transformation

This edition of CurveMail brings you the most up to date thought leadership on the topic of self-employed workers along with details of how you can get involved with our LinkedIn group or join one of our breakfast seminars to find out more.
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Today we are talking about …Us!

Now we don’t actually do that very often, less than once a year actually, but we’ve had a whirlwind month and thus wanted to bring you up to speed in case you had missed any of the coverage in the media. We will return to our normal format in June, which will be a self-employed special edition looking at the likes of Uber and Deliveroo, upcoming legislation and featuring companies that are making bold changes with their workforces in this space.
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Are you Equipped for the HR Revolution?

We are seeing more and more changes take place in the HR industry that are re-shaping how seriously businesses are looking at their HR departments. In this edition of CurveMail we explore how you can revolutionise your HR approach to help drive business performance and productivity. Read on to discover your best options for 2017.
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Is your business walking on a Talent Tightrope?

For the first time since 1950 we are experiencing a decline in the working-age population. This is leading to a severe talent shortage for many businesses. Today we explore the best ways of ensuring your company is able to navigate the Talent Tightrope to safety in 2017.
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Interim over Permanent? Make sure you plan for both

Now, more than ever, companies are turning to interim workers to plug their skills gaps. With many businesses putting on recruitment freezes, we are taking an in-depth look in to how best to manage your On-Demand Workforce and how to keep them motivated to produce the best results for your organisation.
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Parenthood vs career? Your employees can have Both

Today we would like to introduce you to Womba. Welcome to the new look CurveMail! As a result of your feedback, we have decided to refresh our template in order to continue to be able to provide the very best and most useful content to CEOs, HRDs and other business leaders, in a way that gives you the information that you want to see the most. On that topic, we would like to introduce you to Womba.
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Bringing Global Talent Management & Human Capital Trends To successful CEOs & HRDs

To what extent has ‘digital’ changed the way that businesses have to operate? We spoke to Neil Whittaker, the Financial Services Partner at BearingPoint, who are a leading global business consulting firm, and asked him about the impact of digital on businesses’ ability to access talent. Neil discusses the findings from their recent research, which looks at the impact digital is having on the financial services industry. Focussing on the importance of investing in digital for businesses, Neil explores how CEO’s and business leaders today may need to look to partner with other organisations in order to access the very best talent available in market, and discusses the changing competitive landscape of the financial services industry…
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Bringing Global Talent Management & Human Capital Trends To successful CEOs & HRDs

CurveMail is a year old! We’ve just passed the one year anniversary of the very first edition of our re-designed must read monthly resource for HRDs and CEOs. Our aim is for CurveMail to be of as much value to you as it can, so we would love to hear your opinion on what you want to see us cover, keep and change next year. Our survey consists of just 8 simple questions and will take you no longer than a couple of minutes to complete, so please share your views now. We will be sending a special thank you gift to a lucky respondent pulled out the hat on 18th Dec…
See the Dec CurveMail


Bringing Global Talent Management & Human Capital Trends To successful CEOs & HRDs

How can you become a better leader? In this month’s must watch video for CEOs, we’re introducing Liam Black – Co-founder of Wavelength and ex-CEO of a number of businesses such as Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Restaurant Group. Wavelength’s aim is to make the world better through business, by enabling ambitious leaders to develop their connectivity, knowledge and resilience. In this interview Liam highlights how he believes CEOs, HRDs and other business leaders can learn by looking, meeting and listening to people outside their own industry sectors, whilst asking themselves some difficult questions along the way. In addition, please download the PDF to find out more about their Connect 2016 Programme – the best of its kind we have ever come across…
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Bringing Global Talent Management & Human Capital Trends To successful CEOs & HRDs

Welcome to August’s CurveMail! This month we would like to introduce you to Liam Palmer and PA Consulting. Liam leads a team who solve operational challenges for their financial services clients. In this interview he offers his advice to CEOs and HRDs on how important people are in any dealing with any operational challenges that a business might face. There is also a download from PA Consulting, looking at how to approach periods of change whilst keeping the regulators happy at the same time…
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Bringing Global Talent Management & Human Capital Trends To successful CEOs & HRDs

For the start of the first summer edition we are proud to introduce Ali Humphries, Group HR Director for Aldermore Bank. Aldermore have successfully entered the FTSE 250 after only founding in 2009 and publically listing in March of this year. Ali shares her experience of building and scaling up a business within a highly regulated industry and the impact that this has had on their talent requirements throughout their journey…
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Bringing Global Talent Management & Human Capital Trends To successful CEOs & HRDs

So, we have started a new financial year and with it comes both the inevitable legislation changes and annual report announcements of more companies in the news, like Tesco, with huge pension deficits. This month we would like to introduce you to Kenny Tindall, an Executive Director within JLT Employee Benefits…
See the April CurveMail



The Superhero Edition

Lady Barbara Judge CBE – Chairman Elect, Institute of Directors

Our first Superhero to introduce you to, at a time when most people are settling into their retirements, has just been appointed the first female Chairman of the Institute of Directors…
See the March CurveMail


GenY, Technology& Happiness

So this won’t be the first time that you have heard the term ‘GenY’, ‘Generation Y’ or even ‘Millennials’, for it has long been a hot topic of debate. There is no end to the content available on how to lead, engage and develop this generation… See the February CurveMail


Recognition Resilience & Retentions

A hot topic for many of our clients at the moment is resilience. Psychological resilience is defined as an individual’s ability to properly adapt to stress and adversity – something we all need to develop in ourselves and our employees… See the January CurveMail


Bringing Global Talent Management & Human Capital Trends To Successful CEOs & HRDs

This month, we would like to introduce you to Deloitte Consulting and in particular, their 2014 Global Human Capital Trends Report. The report makes for fascinating reading and the full version… See the December CurveMail