And she scores again!

Posted on August 21, 2013

Co-owner Della Wolfe has been interviewed again for a football industry publication, this time for  FC Business. The piece, which appeared in the August edition, looks at Succession Planning in the football industry. In particular focusing on the way that Sir Alex Ferguson’s exit from Manchester United was handled. The fact that there was no obvious successor perceived in the business led to a fall in the share price. Talking about her experiences both working within the business at Leicester City and as partner to clubs such as  Aston Villa and Sheffield United, Della points out that football clubs don’t treat succession planning like normal businesses would and that they really should. Aston Villa is one of the teams that gets this right but she adds that as strong staff loyalty is the norm in football it is something that is often overlooked.


If you would like to see the article in full, please register for the publication by following this link 


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