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The Curve Group Launch Pre-Employment & Vetting Solution

The Curve Group, one of the UK’s most disruptive and fast-growing Outsourcing and Talent Management companies, announces today that it has launched a suite of market-leading pre-employment screening and vetting solutions. The division, known as PVS, will sit within…

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The Power of Positive Thinking

It’s all too easy to fall into negative patterns of thought, and this is never good for business. This month Lyndsey Simpson looks at ‘positive psychology’ and its implications in the workplace, focusing on the impact the power of…

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Why It’s Important Not To Take Yourself Seriously

In her latest article for Elite Business Magazine, Co-owner Lyndsey Simpson discusses the role that leaders play in creating a liberating, inspiring and entrepreneurial environment in the workplace. Using examples from her business The Curve Group, Lyndsey talks about…

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